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    I made a ginormous asteroid with A LOT of parts weighing a combined mass of over 2 thousand metric tons and I can't play on my worlds after that.

    KaiserRedGamer you can try to restore a previous save from your file manager. For this, go into your game directory (see path on screenshot if needed), then navigate to Saving/Worlds: This is the place where your worlds are saved. Then go into the concerned world's directory. The content...
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    Help me

    Oh, I just realised that you were talking about a planet pack, not a mod. Mods and planet packs are different things! Apparently one of your planets has a problem. You can try removing the planets from your pack one by one and restart the game each time, until the error disappears. This will...
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    Help me

    There's probably an error in your code and it broke something. It happens regularly when you're in the process of developing. Believe me, a lot of funny things happened to me too. Without even knowing what you are trying to mod I can't help at all, but here are a few methods to debug by...
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    Help!!! What can I do to repair this bug?

    This is part of some reported bugs already. The dev team is working on it to release a patch as soon as possible.
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    SFS keeps stopping

    Ah good, thanks for the feedback.
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    SUPRISE! The Supreme System (FICTIONAL)

    Cresign is right PLOL POWER , if you reuse some textures or any other resource from other planet packs you should credit their author.
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    SFS keeps stopping

    Hi §PaCëØddît¥ (it's difficult to ping you :p) Which platform do you use? Android or Ios? I'll let the dev team know about that, and see if there's a way to fix that. EDIT: they are already working on a fix, hopefully this should solve your issue.
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    Ultra Balistic Rocket

    Hi and welcome to the forum Tcs starPLATINUM :) Thank you for writing in english on the forum. This is an international place, and not everybody understand russian. I suggest to use google translate if you have difficulties with english. Also, please post a screenshot of your build, to let...
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    Congratulations! It's always hard at first, but once you understood how it works it becomes easy.
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    Apparent discrepancies in atmospheric reentry in SFS (or, Is it hot in here or is it just me?)

    I finally spotted a mistake here: The formula you used for potential energy is the common form: Ep = m×g×h But that works supposing that g is constant, which is fine if h is small compared to the Earth radius. But here it's not the case, at 30 km the gravity already dropped by more than 15%...
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    Apparent discrepancies in atmospheric reentry in SFS (or, Is it hot in here or is it just me?)

    Cool, some maths :p That looks mostly correct, though SFS is a game, there may be approximations compared to real life. Regarding the atmospheric density, I don't know if the values used are some random ones, but it's possible to calculate it for a given height in SFS. For this, you need those...
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    Team Titan Entry

    Looks good, congratulations. Mooncrasher will give you your badge. :cool:
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    My Saturn V and Apollo spacecraft

    Tanic Space Agency and Eggsucker69 please refrain from insulting eachother and keep MartianMan's thread clean. I saw your report Tanic Space Agency, but it's clear that you started insulting him, so your report has been rejected and you got the blame for this. Eggsucker69, your answer was not...
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    Public Progress Thread (Off-topic SFS)

    Haha, thanks! It's nice isn't it? As I did it the timer starts showing 60 seconds before impact encounter.
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    Public Progress Thread (Off-topic SFS)

    Uh?! Of course I did. I don't know anything about Stef's plans, and even if I did I would never communicate about them in public, especially claiming his work above all. Trying to force him has never been my philosophy by the way.