1. Don't ask what does my name mean
2. Don't ask where I'm from
3. If you already know where I'm from, don't tell anyone else
4. Don't ask why I made this
If u broke my rules then fren go bai bai

A log about everything cool in my day
I wonder how long would it takes for someone to see this. If you're reading this, plz DM me so I know that this is not pointless
"A guy in my class had decided to be a dick and start bullying me a few weeks ago. He beat me up, steal my mun,... so I trigger him, he makes the matter worse (don't ask how) and now he's banned from the class"
Probably the most badass thing I ever did. I guess I'm... safe? If he messes with me outside, I'll stab him with my pencil, it won't kill him, but it's a pain in the ass
Eating snow is not recommended
Just taken another final exam. Quite hard, spent the first 10 minutes to finish it, then sleep
What do you call a thicc Merlin 1D engine?
A Merlin Vacuum Optimized engine
One of my friends on Discord has her onee-chan got ███ in Japan. We couldn't call the police cuz she didn't know where did they keep her. So one of us managed to hack into their wifi, get the IP and she's saved. She's at home in Singapore.
Never felt more useless in my life than right now
After changing my avatar to this kawaii Chara, people seem to love it. They use bot command to "pat" me more often as if I was a cat

I guess I'm a qt now
Guess what day is today?
It's my birthday!
My mom said "Happy Birthday" to me when I woke up this morn'
That's it
Only she remembers
I'm not going to cry
I'm not going to...
January 5
Acidalia Planitia




"Smile for the camera"
"Just kidding, I left the cap on, now you are smiling for no reason"