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    Project Gremory

    I wonder, whether the infinite build area makes the VAB Infinitely larger :p
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    JSP lunar return

    NASA Moon direct landing
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    Project Gremory

    damn the shuttle is larger than the VAB
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    Project Gremory

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    Exploration I (Rover)

    Hmm, creative! :D
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    Balanced Realistic World (and I'm also looking for a good steam edition pack that contains all the planets)

    The files of PC version seem similar, except for the space center file, try this pack- Link Forum page link- Link It contains a total of 318 bodies (including the defaults) Please tell me if it doesn't work Thank You!
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    Gravitational Influence Pack- Trojans and Moons | SFS 1.5 (compatible with 1.6)

    New version update- Link Please check and inform whether it works in sfs. An pack update will be coming soon!
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    My 3D Model Creations

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    My 3D Model Creations

    I am making a detailed interior of one of my country's best rail locomotives- The WAP-7. Here's what the interior of the real one looks like-Photo not taken or owned by me Here's my Current Progress- The texturing will be done after the basic model has been completed I use for my 3d...
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    My 3D Model Creations

    Mooncrasher please rename this thread to 'My 3D Model creations'