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    Hail Mary (No DLC)

    Found a passage in Chapter 7 where the ship's length is said to be 47m long, slightly longer than your ship. I highligted it in blue. ***spoiler alert*** do not reat the rest of the paragraph in case you haven't read the novel yet! It contains massive spoilers!! :D
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    Hail Mary (No DLC)

    GOOD, GOOD, GOOD! ;) But notice that the Hail Mary is much more slender as described in the book than in the scheme of the first pages. Andy describes the ship as 47m long. Also, the astrophage fuel tanks are much longer, making about 75% of the ship, with a diameter of 4m each.
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    Stuff ive been working on

    The L1 is great, but the LK lander is just awesome. Maybe your rocket exists in a parallel universe in the For all Mankind style, and Alexei Leonov is the first man on the Moon thanks to you. Congrats, commrade!
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    My Jovian Tour Challenge (300 + 300T Jovian Tour)

    And Callixto: After I went back to Callixto orbit and dock with my mothership, I found myself with a lot of fuel still left. I read in the Lonely Planet guide of Mars that the planet is lovely this part of the year, so I decided to stop there to take some pictures. Sadly, my lander lacked...
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    My Jovian Tour Challenge (300 + 300T Jovian Tour)

    Read about this challenge, you know, a trip to all Jovian moons and back with just 2 launches, limited to 300T each. Many people said that it's doable using ion engines. Thing is, I wanted to prove it. Or, more precisely, I wanted to see what could be achieved with ion engines and a 300+300 Tons...
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    Winners of the June contest

    WOW! THAT's a rocket o_Oo_Oo_O
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    Winners of the June contest

    :cool::cool::cool::cool: Thanks guys, I'm overwhelmed. I want to thank you all, I very much appreciate this prize... wait a minute... What did you say the prize was?... a badge??.... NO MONEY AT ALL????
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    [REQUEST] I'm looking for a good Alpha Centauri system

    Oh, that would be nice. I'd like to make a realistic mission there
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    June Contest Brief, Instructions, Rules, Help.

    ...or maybe heavier than yours. That'd hurt much more, would't it? :p
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    Jovian Tour Challenge

    Disagree. You still need chemical rockets to land and lift off in all four moons. It's not that easy for the average SFS player with the 2x300T limit.
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    My June Contest submission - Mission to Mercury!

    Ha ha ha, Not really! I learnt the "three bodies alignment" trick in the VEEGA video tutorial. But for the rest of the flight, t's mostly a lottery: first try, I ran out of fuel before arriving; then I made it easily the next try with the same rocket. Theory is good, but the result depends on...
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    My June Contest submission - Mission to Mercury!

    Rigel Airways, in an effort to make the Mercury trip affordable for everyone, has been optimizing our rockets to make them lighter, simpler, and cheaper. As a result, we have shrinked our spaceship down to 696T. Here's the report of our maiden flight: Here's our new rocket. Same architecture...
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    Inquiry about the Voyager Quest

    I tried that mission some time ago. I used a custom solar system, I can't remember who made it. But the point is that the outer planets' SOI were big, so it was very easy to get a slingshot from one planet to the next, if you chose the right trajectory. I think the actual Voyager Quest is harder...
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    Epic chicken's HoT entry

    That's a Leviathano_O. Impressive rocket.
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    My June Contest submission - Mission to Mercury!

    I've been working abroad for some time, so I'm sorry for being out of the forum for so long. Here's my submission for the Proficient flight. This is my spaceship. No BP edition, no clipping, no cheats. A powerful first stage with two boosters; a high eficiency second stage; and the spaceship...