XenonSpace is a reusable launch system lover. 65% of his time playing Spaceflight Simulator is spent on designing, building and testing his 'reusable' rockets. It doesn't really worked as intended, partially due to his limited skill of landing things without a loud sound of explosion heard shortly after. Though he is not that good at building rockets in terms of looks, but hey, if it works, it's good enough.

I'm currently working on a partially reusable launch vehicle (again).

Profile photo: close up view of an RS-25 test fire conducted on January 1st 1981 (or 21/5/1981, conflicting dates).

I apologize if you notice any grammatical errors in any of my posts.
if you're reading this text, the fact that I'm writing this is not actually useless

Hey, looks like someone is looking at my profile. Why are you reading this? I thought I'm so boring that nobody won't click. Anyways, if you're reading this message it means that I am (and/or will be) inactive for a number of months. It's very likely that I won't design anymore blueprints, let alone posting them here due to loss of interest in this game. But I'll go back to check the forums once every few months.

Have a good day.

Oh wait, I've been here for 2 years? Has time gone faster now?
Founder and CEO of XenonSpace Corporation.


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