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  1. siryonkee

    An AT-AT

    my AT-AT Before you load it into your world, make sure you have no gravity and no collision damage turned off. After some stuff explodes clear debris Than turn on no collision damage, go to the stage button and activate them. Than click clear debris again...
  2. siryonkee

    SFS Reviews

    This thread is for reviews written by only the highest IQ players, who have pumped hours and hours into the game to hone their expertise of the game. As such all reviews are professionally made and of the highest quality.
  3. siryonkee

    Project; New Hope Modules

    I’m gonna be posting the components for the base I’m building the first one up is the habitation module It is 2 floors and has a helipad on the roof for the drone to land on.
  4. siryonkee

    Tomahawk Missile Barrage

    I made a bunch of Tomahawk Missiles you can launch! I had a lot of fun using it (not so much making it) so I think you guys would like it as well unfortunately the silo is covering the missile not much I can do about that
  5. siryonkee


    Yes very original I know can anyone tell me if I’m posting the downloads the right way btw
  6. siryonkee

    My Downloads

    To start it off I’ll do my space shuttle I would love to do a bp edited version however the game shits itself at the thought of a rotated engine touching my shuttle and lags itself to death
  7. siryonkee

    Why You Shouldn’t Get 1.5.2

    I’m gonna share the negative things in the 1.5.2 update the liquid fuel bar is back. No way to change it. However if you click on the fuel tank it shows the %
  8. siryonkee

    Reddit Challenge

    There’s an official challenge on the subreddit so here are the rules: [Week 1] r/SpaceFlightSimulator Weekly Challanges#1 - 20k Challange [In celebration of hitting 20,000 members, we recently introduced weekly challenges.]() Listen up astronauts! This is the first Challenge! Everyone can...
  9. siryonkee

    Rocket Went 45,000 m/s without cheats

    For some reason if I click the fairing and clear at a certain time my rocket reaches 45,000 m/s... When it first launches it gets to 60,000 m/s I’m gonna try and see if I can get faster.. I would love to see if anyone can calculate the G force this would be
  10. siryonkee

    Stuff I’m Working On

    This thread is gonna be where I post stuff that I’m working on that wouldn’t make sense to make a whole thread on, or wouldn’t fit in a thread I’ve already made. Rn I’m working on a Starship. It got to orbit with 40% fuel and landed just fine except it wasn’t a suicide burn. There won’t be...
  11. siryonkee

    How Do You Sleep?

    How do you sleep?
  12. siryonkee

    Making Profile Pictures

    I made some profile pictures By some I mean 2, but it’s hard to make them since most of the profiles are complicated shapes. The first one I made was Gecko Gekkota, since hers doesn’t use shading. I mean if you try hard enough it kinda looks like her profile picture. The next one I made is...
  13. siryonkee

    Breaking Land Speed!

    Challenge: Try to go as fast as possible horizontally. Rules: Engines+clipping are allowed. However clipping engines inside of each other so it looks like one engine is not allowed. The only cheat allowed is unbreakable parts, and is encouraged to use. If you are using an edited planet so the...
  14. siryonkee

    SFS Memes

    This one is called: If SFS had a bad ad
  15. siryonkee

    Team Hawk Entry

    While I’m waiting for my space station to get approved so I can get the Team Frontier tank I did one of the Team Hawk missions. The mission I did was: - Build a rocket that can deliver 600t to orbit untouched, within the normal DLC build grid (including payload). Base game players 200t. 1.35...
  16. siryonkee


    Here I’ll post animations I’m working on, and animations I have completed. First I’ll do ones I have already done and post snippets later. This is my first one, and I believe to be the first ever SFS animation. This is the second animation. It has sound this time which I am proud of, so...
  17. siryonkee

    My team frontier entry!

    I’m posting the first requirement which is: - Build a 1:1 replica of a real rocket/shuttle, subject to approval by Gecko Gekkota or an appointed stand-in for this purpose. The replica that I had built is the Mercury Redstone. If it’s not good or I need to make any changes please tell me! :)
  18. siryonkee

    Team Titan Submission

  19. siryonkee

    Useful Designs

    Here I’m going to post designs I use often in builds that you guys might like They’re all possible to make in sfs without bp editing n stuff The donut hole The small circle The Rhombus Possible Doors? Idk I’ll add more when I find cool designs
  20. siryonkee

    Scary Creations

    Ezekiel Uriel Sammy
  21. siryonkee

    Space Shuttle

    It is a working space shuttle. It can get to orbit without cheats, and can land 25% of the time (I’ve only tried landing 4 times). It has a retractable bridge thing for the launch tower, and has a sparkler for the SRB’s. The SRB’s can separate from the ET, and the ET can also separate. The...