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  1. Arthurrodri

    missile Hughes AGM-65 Maverick

    The AGM-65 Maverick is a tactical air-to-ground missile designed for short-range air support. It is effective on a wide range of tactical targets, including armored vehicles, air defenses, ships, land transport ||| O AGM-65 Maverick é um míssil ar-terra táctico concebido para suporte aéreo de...
  2. Arthurrodri


    the first (rocket-ICBM) of the US | The RTV-A-2 hiroc (High-Altitude Rocket) was the United States' first attempt "to build an intercontinental ballistic missile
  3. Arthurrodri

    Exploration 1

    A recreation of the Juno I Explorer I rocket, it was very difficult to make the probe so I improvised
  4. Arthurrodri


    The Goddard rocket was one of the first rockets in history.
  5. Arthurrodri

    supersonic missile

    An extremely destructive missile, it can destroy bankers below 5 meters deep. use it carefully
  6. Arthurrodri

    Sonda I Rocket

    the first rocket made in Brazil
  7. Arthurrodri

    Nice Rocket with rosio satellite

    a satellite made by me :)
  8. Arthurrodri

    starlink made by my company

  9. Arthurrodri

    Space station heat shield

    My first heat shield
  10. Arthurrodri

    my new Nice Rocket 2.0

    If there is something wrong let me know
  11. Arthurrodri

    Nice Rocket :)