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  1. Space pilot

    Rotating spaceatation progress

    While doing timepass in build grild I made the most circular thing (from inside) So, I thought it would be perfect for rotating space station My idea is to make rotating space station and inner past of SS will move When you select multiple part you can't rotate or flip I part seperately so...
  2. Space pilot

    Rover suspension progress

    As Apollo said in his thread about rover suspension.... ......this This rover suspension is used to kepp the payload stable. To recreate this in SFS you will need a hinge And the smallest working hinge you can make in SFS is this ( 1.52+ you can oriant part smaller that , I mean...
  3. Space pilot

    Harrier AV-8A

    Sorry for low quality photo
  4. Space pilot

    Simple Planes Discussion.

    Harrier AV-8A
  5. Space pilot

    Garlic bread balloon

  6. Space pilot


    Super Draco
  7. Space pilot

    SP' Stuff

    Anything I make in SFS I will post it here
  8. Space pilot

    Electrode Rocket reusable

    It's fully reusable Even seperator It has side parachute Cus I don't trust suside burn
  9. Space pilot

    Post image of your lunar module

    Firs I will post mine Dont ask me about fuel I was just testing my lm on moon
  10. Space pilot

    SFS multiplayer

    This video (where is video xd) is abou if SFS was multiplayer It took me two hours to edit 8sec video Lots of layers(20) and text The epic chicken gave me his spsce station to use it in my video Now I only wanted few things(in mean rocket/module) anyone can post his/her module I will credit you...
  11. Space pilot

    Planet data is not working

    I wanted to remove atmosphere texture of earth I replace text Atmo_Earth with None but nothing happened. Help me
  12. Space pilot


    Forum doesn't support high resolution photos So drive link Jovian moon Maak kennis met Google Drive: één plek voor al je bestanden Space shuttle Maak kennis met Google Drive: één plek voor al je bestanden Reusable rocket Maak kennis met Google Drive: één plek voor al je bestanden Atlas Maak...
  13. Space pilot

    Solar system default

    I think summer files I'm my default solar system are corrupted So, mmm Can I get zip file of default solar system
  14. Space pilot

    SP'entry 1:1 replica

    I found l find this rocket easy can I make it
  15. Space pilot

    Megaton launcher

    This is only 0.1% part of rocket
  16. Space pilot

    Sp's entry

    Here's Mars trip wait Im posting remaining screenshots in thumbnail
  17. Space pilot

    How to reply on profile post ?

    There's no button
  18. Space pilot

    New forum theme looks good

  19. Space pilot

    This is astronout

    These nuts
  20. Space pilot

    SP's entry

    I just done my mission in wrong section. So see this new one. :D:D
  21. Space pilot


    I never posted any lunar mission. So see this one. :D:D:) That's a lots of damage:cool: I think I missed something.
  22. Space pilot

    Guys see what I found A star map
  23. Space pilot

    Is like button back ?

    I saw likes given by members below post. But I didn't find like button. :confused::confused: