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  1. JSP


    ITS BACK! few years ago i made the Saturn Shuttle. now the shuttle has been remade for 1.5 and it has one thing the OG didnt have. Reusability. Yes this shit is Reusable. (All engines on the shuttle have heat damage turned off) here are images max payload is 200-255 tons (could be more) It...
  2. JSP

    JSP's Saturn V

    This MK7 of my Saturn V (I think its Mk7) It can reach moon and return. If you use it make sure to credit me or I will find your house
  3. JSP

    1:1 Ariane 5

    Due to the launch of JWST I decided to make a Ariane 5. Have a look (Payload not in BP)
  4. JSP

    SpaceX Falcon Heavy

    YES I know its another SpaceX replica but I dont really care, this is the first falcon heavy I've made that works, looks good and flys well. Here is my rocket. Here is the blueprint.
  5. JSP

    Custom War of Europe

    This isnt a Battle royale this is My own war that is Happening on a Made up version of Europe, like a mini RP Here is the Map There are 2 Major Alliances The European Security Alliance which are: Germany Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth Greater Hungary The Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics...
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    Here im starting my own battle royal like Cresign12 here is the map Voting Starts now You can only choose 2 countrys Great Britian Ireland Poland Belarus Belgium Slovakia Voting ends in 24 hours
  7. JSP

    City Skylines.

    Here is a game where you can build your own city's.
  8. JSP

    Help making a Space Shuttle SRB.

    Question How do you make SRBS separate from the External Tank like how other peoples shuttles can?
  9. JSP

    JSPs Journey to space.

    I'm starting my main again and I'm going to do it like I'm working my way up from 10k flights to sub orbital to orbital and so on etc. (Like a mini rp) This is my rocket Called Little Tt 1 named after TtTOtW. And here is its first flight Did loose control but the mission however was a success.
  10. JSP

    JSP's Saturn V with Apollo Parts.

    After the recent discovery of the Apollo Textures I decided to make a More Accurate Saturn V (Design not Scale Marmilo so dont jump to saying wROnG ScALE.) So here it is Also One bonus. It hasn't got N1 faring. Anyways enjoy my rocket (Please give credit to me if you use it otherwise...
  11. JSP

    Movie Inaccuracies

    Here pst the inaccurate things you found with films My one I'm posting is from Transformers dark of the moon. I'm this picture you see some rockets. The year was 1962 and I see 2 rockets that didnt exist then, the Saturn V and the Delta 2 I belive. And here is another inaccuracy. This part of...
  12. JSP

    JR 1 Remastered

    So l have decided to look back at all my old JR Rockets and My Neptunian rockests and remake them for 1.5 Here is the JR 1 version 1.5 1.4 version. 1.5 version. As you can see, it is the same rocket just small changes.
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    Films programs ETC

    Here is where we can talk about our favourite films or programmes etc Here are my favourite films
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    JSP Team Hawk

    While I wait for my team Frontier badge here is my first team hawk mission, The shuttle. I was going to post Saturn shuttle but I did this one instead. No damage during the flight Some fuel transfers but overall it was a successful mission. (it starts on a angle due to my heatsheild.)
  15. JSP

    JSP Tean Frontier

    Here is my entry for 1:1 scale Here we have a rocket, the Saturn INT 21 It was a Concept where there S-IVB was removed and it became a 2 stage launch vehicle As shown here I couldn't find the exact size of the faring but I know that the rocket was 80m with out it. Here is build screen Faring...
  16. JSP

    Rusted Warfare

    Rusted warfare is a RTS Single player and multiplayer game. You can go and build army's and destroy others bases. It is £2 on google play and will be released on iOS soon
  17. JSP

    New on the updates

    I couldn't find the update thread so I made a new one. I asked stef about the reentry update about heat sheilds here was his answer.
  18. JSP

    My Falcon 9.

    You've seen this on my Progress thread. This is my Falcon 9 Crew Dragon. It has 3 grasshoper engines at the bottom and one titan clipped into the tank and the 1st stage is recoverable. The second stage has 2 engines bpcliped and a fuel tank to make it more realistic. Make sure you transfer...
  19. JSP

    Boeing Starliner and Atlas V

    This is my Boeing Starliner and Atlas V (Not to scale)
  20. JSP

    Nintendo DS games

    Discuss your favourite DS games here, my favourite game on the DS was Cop: The Recruit, You play as a recruit for NYPD and you go through all sorts of training, its also like GTA 4 where you can drive around Liber.... i mean New York. The graphics look bad compared to GTA 4 But it gives...
  21. JSP

    Orbital Station 1

    I had a space station ages ago called JEOOS, It's fate was the same as my previous 2 stations, deorbited and crashed into the earth. After a few months of not having a space station, I'm beginning the construction on Orbital Platform 1, I usually build small stations but this station will be...
  22. JSP

    Vostok 1

    I said on the 12th of April that I would try an make a Vostok 1 rocket to celebrate Gagarin's Flight, here it is (I made it on the 12th but forgot to screenshot it. It isn't 1:1 scale so please don't start the WrONg SCaLE comments. Here is my rocket, Unlike the actual rocket I didn't to the...
  23. JSP

    Launching from saturn

    Ok so here is my challenge I'm trying to reach orbit of Saturn by launching from saturn. Here are all my failed attempts so far I'm testing different designs to try and get them to work I will reach orbit one day.
  24. JSP


    This is the JR-VII a reusable rocket I actually mean Reusable, Have fun.
  25. JSP

    Green arrow

    This is my green arrow rocket based of Black arrow I changed the name because people moan at me when I call something a Ariane 5 or Starship So here is my green arrow It comes with a free launch tower Have fun with my Rocket.