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  1. Orbital Toast

    Sounding Rocket

    This is my first ever time messing around with bp editing so I hope you enjoy. Sounding Rocket includes a recoverable probe and custom launch pad. I also have never seen a sounding rocket in sfs before. *Please note that rocket is not fully fueled and that parachutes can be deployed in staging.
  2. Orbital Toast

    Flat world

    I was wondering if I could make flat with out the launch pad sticking out of the ground if you have a solution that would be epic :)
  3. Orbital Toast

    Orbital Toast Voyager Quest

    This was painful
  4. Orbital Toast

    Orbital Toast's Mars Mission

    First Mission Done
  5. Orbital Toast

    Saturn V (Fixed)

    Saturn V My last post for this was weird and did not put in the blueprint and some of the photos so this is the fixed version. This is my design of the famous Saturn V. The blueprint the Saturn V and its three stages plus a fully functioning escape tower (you can activate the escape tower in...
  6. Orbital Toast

    How do you get flat textures for the moon and etc. ?

    I am just wondering because I am on IOS and there is no way that I know of to get flat textures for the moon. I already a flat textures for the Earth.
  7. Orbital Toast

    My Moon Mission

    I am using my Trident Mk.1 design. It is an original lunar lander and has served me well in the past.
  8. Orbital Toast

    Space X - Starship

    Starship This is my design of Starship and a Super Heavy booster. It can go to Mars and many other planets of you choosing (Please note that it will need to be refueled in LEO). All of the engines can be turned on and of using staging. This design took me a good chunk of time so please give...
  9. Orbital Toast

    Trident Rocket Mk.1

    Trident Rocket Mk.1 The Trident is a moon rocket that is capable of going to the moon and back. It is an efficient design that can carry a capsule able to go the moon and safely return. I hope to make more updated designs in the future. The lunar lander stage has an extra fuel tank to...