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  1. MartianMan

    1:1 Saturn V

    I got bored of my overdone slightly poo old saturn v, so one day, now 6 days ago i decided to make a new one. This time 1:1. Oh i didnt know what a project it would be. Fast forward 6 days, and it it finally done after a load of painstaking work, and many ragequits and motivation losses. It got...
  2. MartianMan

    Stuff ive been working on

    So i made an N1-L3 a few days ago right after that i made a starship It can land on the moon and retutn
  3. MartianMan

    Buran Energia by me

    Hello! Ive been working on a buran energia during the last week. I was helped by TtTOtW, who has sadly now left the forums. Anyways, pics are pretty neccesary.Also, absolutely not a for all mankind reference, i gave it a missile launcherolder pic with old window ^^^ credits for TT for the...
  4. MartianMan

    Revamp and more revamp

    I wasnt happy enough with my Saturn V, so i decided to rework it. Made the LM better but wierder, a new LES, CSM, and some details, and oh yeah, biggest thing, major revamp on the S-IC engine area
  5. MartianMan

    Saturn V 4X U cursed SuperHeavy lift launch vehicle

    I saw a really cursed rocket on youtube: (Credit to hazegrayart on yt) And as you can guess I decided to make it. It succesfully took 1384 tons to LEO, and it has less parts and performs better than my sea dragon This cursed beast actually functions, really well.
  6. MartianMan

    I made a Saturn INT-21 too!

    Hello! Inspired by that one guy i dont know how to link people but anyway, i made a Saturn INT-21 by just swapping out the upper stages of my saturn V
  7. MartianMan

    A 20min Jet

    Hello! Today, I decided to make a quick little jet. I made it in 20mins (as seen from the title) and it… works somehow. Range: absolute shit. Speed: semi slow. Other than that it looks fine. Didnt give it much tought.
  8. MartianMan

    IOS Help available!

    Hello! As you know, ios is more complex than android, I can help with any questions regarding IOS. How to bp edit on ios, download stuff, and more! So if you have any questions, just ask me!
  9. MartianMan

    Team Frontier entry

    Hello! im reattempting team frontier, i already did the mars mission, (as you can see from the badge) so, im gonna post the voyager mission and space station in the replies of this thread.
  10. MartianMan

    My try at an STS Space Shuttle

    Hello once again! Yesterday, I decided to have a try at an STS, i think it turned out just fine! Its really really stable and requires 0 rcs to be flown (all thanks to TtTOtW) it has a separatable booster and can take roughly 240 tons to LEO. Requires 0 cheats to be used as its fully...
  11. MartianMan

    My New Revamped Saturn V

    Hello again! You might or might not remember my old saturn V I posted almost immediately after joining, anyway, as i couldnt take it how ugly it was and it was a disgrace in my builds, i decided to make a new one, ALOT better. It has almost everything, the skirt between S-IC and S-II and of...
  12. MartianMan

    Pathfinder from For All Mankind

    Hello! I decided to have a go at a shuttle (a few days ago) and made the pathfinder from For All Mankind, it can take 50 tons on a roundtrip to the moon, in my case the 50 Tons is 4 astronauts and some extra cargo. (Fat astronauts) but beside that, i think it looks really cool, and is even...
  13. MartianMan

    Jerry The Astronaut

    I made an astronaut! And brought it to the moon. Again my first try at an astronaut, but pretty proud of it. Hes really stable and well manueverable, and has many dockingports for much flexibility! (If he starts exploding my phone explodes aswell, cuz many small parts) 1st pic: him next to the...
  14. MartianMan

    Revamped Starship

    My remped starship, a friend of mine helped with bp editing. The mechazilla is wip
  15. MartianMan

    My N1L3 Soviet Moon rocket

    I made an N1L3, its my first ever N1 and it functions exactly like the real one would have. Im quite proud of it, it isnt 1:1 scale but keep in mind its my first one.
  16. MartianMan


    I made an N1L3 and it functions almost exactly like the real one, i didnt discard even a single module/block/stage and im quite proud of it!
  17. MartianMan

    My Saturn V and Apollo spacecraft

    This is a slightly older version, i have edited the CSM to be more realistic, and the LEM does have both descent and ascent stages, i just couldnt find any other pictures. I think it looks fine, but definetly works great. Heres the bp link...
  18. MartianMan

    Team Frontier Entry

    Excuse me if this is messy, I don't know how to use forums correctly
  19. MartianMan

    Team Titan Entry