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  1. Junipurr

    Wanderer (Ranked)

    No, I am not an Admin here... Yes, this is a time consuming challenge... WIP... The Wanderer Epic Challenge, is to send one Capsule, to land on every Solid Body in Vanilla, and return to Earth Safely. Suggested order: Moon, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Phobos, Deimos, Io, Europa, Ganymede, Callisto...
  2. Junipurr

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Discord ID: Juni#8954 Date: 28/12/2021 Reason for ban: Unable to verify via the new AltDentifier channel bot. Why I should be unbanned: I don't own any of the consoles, which are offered for verification.
  3. Junipurr

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year Rocket Peoples!
  4. Junipurr

    New Hypergolic Solid Fuel? CsF(ClF3)3 or Cs[Cl3F10] Is solid below 0degrees Celsius, possibly more toxic than ClF3. At low room temperatures it decomposes to CsF and ClF3. As you may already know ClF3 has been abandoned long ago as a potential liquid rocket...
  5. Junipurr

    Team Hawk Entry

    I would like to attempt: Quicksave Mercury Mission. 600T Launch. Reuseable Rocket. I have done all the Jovian moons multiple times, so I don't want to do that again, nor do I want previous credit. Mercury: Whatever rocket is provided, I will attempt the VMMMMM Interplanetary Network...
  6. Junipurr

    Team Frontier Entry

    Can I model this concept rocket for my first task?
  7. Junipurr

    Team Titam entry...

    Made this tiny 60Ton 3stage with Ion Drives.
  8. Junipurr

    Taps Mic, "is this on?"

    Admins, I couldn't find an appropriate place for an Intro thread, so please move if I have posted this in the wrong place... Intro thread for Junipurr... I am new to this forum, but have been playing SFS for about 5 months on and off. My play style is a little unique, because my Android phone...