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  1. OkisiTitana

    Wth with likes?

    Everyone's likes wiped out?
  2. OkisiTitana

    200 stars(again)

    So...when this pack release?i want know :3
  3. OkisiTitana

    200 stars

    Hi, who is making a modpack with 200 stars?tell me when the release will be, I really want to download
  4. OkisiTitana

    Solved Moderation

    how can I become a moderator?)))
  5. OkisiTitana

    Best sfs bug

  6. OkisiTitana

    A good question

    if you can edit blueprints and make parts bigger, can you make parts smaller?:p
  7. OkisiTitana

    Xiaomi photo gallery

    in my Xiaomi thanks to the Eraser function in the photo gallery I can do this
  8. OkisiTitana

    Re-Use ITS

    I represent to your attention the Re-Use of ITS.original from Neutralizer.this is a small rework of his bp.changed only the Rover, and more specifically the landing system...generally, can be disembark Rover,drive,shove his back with the help updated me docking system and RCS back in rocket, and...
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    Share your crossout vehicles
  10. OkisiTitana

    Solved Question да

    What is SOI,I often see,but don't understand what it is, give me a transcript please:(
  11. OkisiTitana

    Solved Custom tag

    How to earn custom tag?
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    Post all ლ(◕ω◕ლ) here
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    What is it?¯\_༼ •́ ͜ʖ •̀ ༽_/¯
  14. OkisiTitana

    Barmaley System

    Attention!!! Here is my pack: Barmaley System. Barmaley is red bright supergiant Bachrama is a hot Jupiter. Since Barmaley is a very large supergiant, here are screenshots of the mapping of this system and the sun: Interesting fact: First:Bachrama is slightly smaller than Saturn, has very...
  15. OkisiTitana

    Micro planets pack

    here's my mini pack.well, what can I say, the same solar system, only the orbits of the planets and their moons are reduced by 10 times, the sun is reduced by 2 times, the gas giants are also reduced by 2-3 a basis, took the pack, downloaded from YouTube, no theft:)
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    Video Memes

  17. OkisiTitana


    Can you make a V404 system?
  18. OkisiTitana


    Is Stef registered in the forum?
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  20. OkisiTitana

    My blueprints

    I don’t know who, how created many rockets from this pack. Do not judge strictly and thanks to those who created these blueprints. There are a lot of my projects, I just throw off what I have>:D
  21. OkisiTitana

    Nickname colour

    how to change the color of your nickname on this forum,but if aine can Tr can you change?
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    here I will upload screenshots from beta testing my build
  23. OkisiTitana

    Ground vehicles

    Cars,tanks, tractors.....and more)
  24. OkisiTitana

    Help me,HELP!

    Guys,before putting some of the pack left quite a bit,but here's the problem,but rather the question of what conflict files?I haven't been able to install a lot of planets ,and I can't install the BANDWITH asteroid pack yet,I need to fix it.Help,explain how to fix this problem,and why all the...
  25. OkisiTitana