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  1. Mooncrasher

    Winners of the July contest.

    First of all, you're amazing. :) We got lots of submissions this month, and it was hard to decide who should win. Foothold: Marmilo wins, because of his elaborate constructions AND good rocketry. Honorable mention to CST-100 for their rocketry, doing it all in one legal launch is impressive...
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    This is where SFS records will be kept, along with links to where they were submitted. List of records suggested, implemented so far: Forum Lightest Voyager Quest [SFS versions with engine heating(if relevant), and same terms as current voyager quest]: Altaïr's Voyager Quest (220.18t) Discord...
  3. Mooncrasher

    Mooncrasher Team Frontier 2.0

    First up, Voyager quest. I was thinking of attempting to challenge Altaïr, who attempted the voyager quest himself HERE. He did it with 220.2t of launch mass. I managed 223.8t. Ah well, 1.6% more mass is close enough. :P Perhaps one day I'll get it with less. Without further ado, here's the...
  4. Mooncrasher

    Team Titan 2.0: Bigger and Hotter

    When I got my ranks, it was early 1.5 before the now-essential things of re-entry heat and engine heat existed. I feel guilty for skipping those two issues, so I'm trying again.:p And this this with IRIS, to provide an "experience"o_O A big rocket just to return a probe. And it isn't even...
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    Lunar Base Contest (now feedback thread)

    With the 53rd anniversary of the first lunar landing fast approaching, NASA has decided to give the go ahead on a new lunar base, and are looking to contract it with a commercial partner. It’s your responsibility to design a base, scout out a suitable location, transport it there, and set up the...
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    Winners of the June contest

    Time to announce the winners. :) Rigel has won the overall contest for impressing with his second Mercury submission. The epic chicken has won the flyby category with his huge submission. Dyson Sphere is the only non-DLC entry to win, with his Venus submission. Honorable mention to Octacorpus...
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    Suspected bugs

    If you are on the latest version and you think you have encountered a bug, you can ask about it here. Make sure to: 1. State the version number and platform. 2. Provide details about the bug. 3. Provide details of how to trigger the bug (if possible).
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    SFS update news

    Simply a place to talk about SFS updates, thought it was time to revive it.:) You can also post screenshots of Stef's news from the SFS Discord, but make sure nobody hasn't posted it already. And please do avoid "when update?" spam.;) I'll start. 1.5.7 is out, and on some new platforms. What...
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    New Staff Changes.

    4KidsOneCamera has been promoted to Vice-Admin of the SFS forums, an overdue and deserving promotion.:) I know that he'll be a good admin, fair and impartial. A great fit for the position.
  10. Mooncrasher

    Mooncrasher's attempt thread

    So um, this is my attempt. Launch and docking with depot/kickstage Some reshuffling and we ready to go. Drone was deorbited, no longer needed. First burn done (gonna orbit around for more oberth effect) Second burn done, on course for Venus. Did all this towards the end of the transfer...
  11. Mooncrasher

    June Contest Brief, Instructions, Rules, Help.

    Welcome to the Hot Spots Tourist (HoT) agency! Each summer we fly people all over the hottest places in the solar system on exclusive holiday-making trips. As a new employee, your job is to transport our customers and point out all the best sights, giving them a good time so that next year...
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    New Sub-Forums

    Hello everyone. We now have two new sub-forums. The first is Texture Pack Mods and it is a sub-forum of the Authorised Game Mods section. This was done as we've noticed that texture pack mods are very popular, and thus it was decided to give them their own place for neatness. Cucumber Space...
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    Mooncrasher's things (or: buggy adventures in Beta)

    This is where I'll post my stuff, most of which is in the oh ever-so buggy betas. First up is my Energia 2.0. It's been stuck at 99% done for a while.:p Detaching the boosters is a case of "make quicksave and pray".
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    Quote of the Day

    Forum News Network with Mooncrasher Issue: NEW-0015 Date: 06 March 2022 Welcome to the regular Forum news network broadcast where you can stay up to date on the latest space news and participate in random crap. Daily quote: “The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but...
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    SFS forum Christmas competition!

    Calling all SFS rocketeers! Welcome to the first official forum Christmas competition! This year Santa is expanding his delivery range to the Mercury, Venus and Mars settlements. But your help is needed for the massive delivery logistics! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to...
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    Mooncrasher 4 Team Hawk

    First up is the shuttle. I took this to heart. ;) And I looked at some pics of Buran... and one thing led to another... But wait! The badge says "Fly me to the moon". Sooooo, pack a lunch Dmitri, we're going for a ride. Ohmigod Vasily, why are we on the moon?!?! Finally going home, only...
  17. Mooncrasher

    Mooncrasher team frontier entries

    First up, is my replica. If I need to tell you all what rocket it is, then I failed. :( In case you're one of the lucky 10,000 people who haven't heard of it before, it's Ready for lift-off! No, before you ask, the boosters are not drop-able. I hope that's ok, but I'll understand if it...
  18. Mooncrasher

    Mooncrasher lunar return

    My fugly rocket. Liftoff! MECO, separation (including early fairing separation) and second stage startup. Orbit! And part 1 of TMI. Separation with TMI 90% done. The lander is doing the rest from here on. Also pic from afterwards, post-burn and some time skipping, just before I...
  19. Mooncrasher

    Hi guys

    Hey all. As you can see by my post count, I'm new here. Nice to meet ya all!
  20. Mooncrasher

    Mini Full Thrust Falcon 9 Crew Dragon

    Roughly 1:2 scale. The LES works. Lift off! American astronauts on American rockets launching from American soil. MECO, SECO and deployment. Lots of spare dV. Boostback and re-entry burns. Landing burn. Safe! 'Bob? Doug? What are you doing?' "Deorbiting space junk"
  21. Mooncrasher

    A Stack of Minecraft

    This one is for all things Minecraft, with only a small overlap with that other thread "classic Minecraft". Ok, let's kick off this thread... I have a laptop. That runs a modded Minecraft 1.5.2. :p I'm currently playing on a single solo survival world. Pretty hardcore survival; I don't even...
  22. Mooncrasher

    Some kinda interceptor?

    It flies. And uses chutes to slow down.
  23. Mooncrasher

    Test mission with the S.S. Wut

    Looks a bit stupid, no? A shuttle-like thing with wheels on the bottom. MECO Boostback Plenty of reserves to aim for the right place Woohoo, made it to LEO while landing the booster. Shake-down. The return! The best thing this stupid looking thing has to offer is that both parts are...
  24. Mooncrasher

    This makes me cry.

    What the hell happened?
  25. Mooncrasher

    Open Rocket disappeared off the launch pad?

    Before: After; Should I reinstall? Is there a time warp limit?