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    this is something that just crossed my mind and so i decided to check it out and sure enough i found a subreddit
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    ive been thinking

    I don't think some of you remember but I ade some sneak peeks or as I called them "snek peks" similar to the sneak peeks page for the sfs discord and was decently far in progress but just stopped and I've recently been thinking about reviving it but I'm letting you all tod decide by voting for it.
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    SNEK PEK DEMO 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

    Here is the third demo of INTERBUGET! Hope you have fun with it
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    DEMO 2!!!!!! :D

    Finally after a few months of me being lazy and technical problems here it is a whole new world update hope you enjoy exploring the expansion of this galaxy
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    Ultimate desicion

    I don't know if I should really do this as doing it would bring me back to square one but can allow me to easily rebuild it fast but there are probably so many other solutions to help but I don't know but here are the options and you decide. They poll closes after 2 weeks
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    Funny story

    So I just recently came back home after a bike and while walking down the mountain my grandmother asked someone were a certain mountain is and he used an app that showed the name of mountain peaks using ar (augmented reality) but couldn't find the mountain when we got back I relaxed and what not...
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    Something to think about

    So you know the old sonic model well in the beginning of the movie there he explains how he got to earth or something like that when he was a baby so that means there's a timeline were they did not care about us and we could've gotten ugly baby sonic I wonder what he would look like hmmm
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    About those "hornets"

    Also this was made with Photoshop as I'm a pro memer
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    Something tells me...

    That the Minecraft 1.16 update is coming in late May but they normally come out in June to July but since the 1.14 update came out in April it probably messed when I thought most updates would come out. also the last time I posted something about Minecraft and someone said that we have a...
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    Voting for second INTERBUDGET DEMO

    Hi i your enjoying the demo and want to make this to see what you want next to see so I'm putting up a vote to see what update you want
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    Here is demo 1? Maybe I might make more but this is no where near completion think of it as those demos at E3 some what kinda near complete but still a demo so let's start the screen shot will be in the description let's hope this will succeed in the mini "RAM" crisis here if there is no such...
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    soo the so far I have 3 star systems 7 planets 1 moon 1 dwarf planet AND MUCH much more to come it will be all hand drawn (hence interbudget) to reduce space also none of them are even a megabyte large yea pretty neat from my point of view more in the future
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    Me talks back to teacher Teacher: John cena's female counterpart?
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    Funny school talk

    Doo it was I think February and my friend Damien who was obsessed the communism memes and asked Mary who is why it she knew what it was and I went "Damien please stop trying to turn Mary into a communist"
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    Did you know that in like 3 billion years earth and moon would be a binary planet system?
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    Vote for sequel

    You might know odin 's blessing of how tilted it as my first planet pack in which the reply show the real planet data for it. I thought if I should make a sequel or not then I thought why not you decide Odins fate like Ragnarök
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    100th thread!!!!

    Here is my big boi rocket
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    My first planet pack

    There are 28 celestial bodies 6 planets are in this pack 2 of which are gas giants There are 14 moons? Two of which are binary There is one dwarf planet named Ullr There are 4 asteroids And a star named Odin This will not be the final product expect many more updates and maybe help me out with...
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    an entire week of no school for me to make a new pplanet pack
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    Alright fine...

    WHO EVER SAYS CLOUDS AND SHEEP FIRST GETS THE PRIZE. It's my take on other Danny's or blazers or someone with the same profiles machine known as the holy Jesus Christ drive
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    IM really lonely.... At 8:37 AST

    Wow.... It's lonely as a cosmonaut in an LK lander
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    Is it possible

    To make an asteroid like Oumuamua
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    I finallydid it

    I got to space craft in orbit to dock
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    To be c.e.I of my space program... THE CSSP (Canadian-Soviet-space-program) and I want to collaborate with the etherian space program like the Soyuz Apollo mission
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    Can anyone explain this?