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  1. stellarzone

    No heat shield re-entry challenge

    So, here's the challenge: build a craft that can launch to space and orbit the earth (no cheats allowed, bp editing is allowed but you may not edit heat resistance if you know how), then after you have completed one FULL cycle, you must now have the craft return to earth, but with little to none...
  2. stellarzone

    The re-entry update and why it is annoying

    I know, I know, it's a new update and it adds new parts, which I have to admit I like the parts, but the re entry aspect is annoying because now for those of us who have many blueprints now have to go and update the ones that are either Landers, or will return to earth. It's even more annoying...
  3. stellarzone

    The true first space shuttle, Hermes

    Many know about the Ariane Rockets, but not as many know that the first space shuttle was not made by the US, infact the Hermes was the first ever spaceplane but due to people's lack of acknowledgement, it was not well known and many didnt even see its first launch. In fact, the Space shuttle is...
  4. stellarzone

    Tesseract (not mine, just a really cool craft)

    Credit to SFSAbhishek for this build, I saw it a while ago and thought that no one really delves that deep into the blueprint section, so here it is! The tesseract, built by Abhishek and currently used as an active shuttle ship by many companies on my Planets. Pictures provided are from Abhishek...
  5. stellarzone

    The Asteroid belt

    If the asteroid belt is so dangerous to spacecraft then why don't they go around it? It's not as if it's a sphere around the sun is it?
  6. stellarzone

    Sfs Skins help

    How do I get the NASA skin for my tanks? I have read that you need the full version, but I have that and still don't have the skin available
  7. stellarzone

    Subdivision help

    I would like to know if it is possible to start a new subdivision/Faction, and if so- does it have to be based on eternia? It's not a problem.if it does, as I have the map installed, it's just that I would like to start my own faction in eternia
  8. stellarzone

    I did a thing...

    Uhh...ok then..
  9. stellarzone

    See you later solar system

    Look.. at...this..
  10. stellarzone

    Just bought the expansion bundle!

    Wooo! Got the expansion bundle! Larger space stations, here I come!
  11. stellarzone

    One launch space station, no dlc's or cheats required!!

    So I was scrolling through space stations and realized that players who have the stock game like me cannot use them, so my solution was to build this.. and it actually launches and can get to orbit, then the launch rocket can de orbit itself so you don't need to clear debris
  12. stellarzone

    Well, guess it's time to reveal the start of my base on earth, along with a bp

    So, here I decided to make a base that can be used to refuel both large and small craft, if they have docking ports at the right locations, and to 'repair and maintain' small fuel ships. Here it is in the build and also on the planet with a fuel craft docked in its 'hanger'
  13. stellarzone

    Space station Module lifter, No cheats or dlc's required

    I made a Rocket that can take Space station modules to space, with room to swap the module I made out for one of your modules