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  1. Mooncrasher

    do we allow username: 666?

    The scratch is ok in your thread, it doesn't seem to have much in common with the video
  2. Mooncrasher

    do we allow username: 666?

    I have no clue why we'd need such content, keep to lighter stuff. And remember that this is an SFS forum with just a little bit of other things. Remember that.
  3. Mooncrasher

    do we allow username: 666?

    I'm still no closer to understanding...
  4. Mooncrasher

    do we allow username: 666?

    I don't understand. Username or project name? Here or where?
  5. Mooncrasher

    Team Titan Instructions!
  6. Mooncrasher

    Mars mission

    Badge awarded. :) The only thing I would say is your TWR is rather high, and out of curiosity I'm wondering what your launch flight path to earth orbit looks like?
  7. Mooncrasher

    Here To Stay No DLC Entry

    I'd say that it could have been better if the base was more cohesive, with modules closer together and seeming to "belong" together. That's the big thing, I think. And also you're non-DLC, but that doesn't stop you from attempting slightly bigger modules, you have a lot of buildscreen space not...
  8. Mooncrasher

    Winners of the July contest.

    First of all, you're amazing. :) We got lots of submissions this month, and it was hard to decide who should win. Foothold: Marmilo wins, because of his elaborate constructions AND good rocketry. Honorable mention to CST-100 for their rocketry, doing it all in one legal launch is impressive...
  9. Mooncrasher

    wait a minute

    Why don't you ask people who've been banned from the sub-reddit? We just host the place for them to appeal, we don't know anything more.
  10. Mooncrasher

    Ban appeal

    The discord staff will eventually process your appeal and render a verdict, be patient.
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    2/3 - Io and Back (Jupiter Moon mission)

    Nice one, badge given. :) I know you said no gravity assists for this video, however I want to link a more efficient way to get captured into Jupiter orbit, just because it's pretty cool: bi-elliptic transfer for capture + moon gravity assists for orbit reducing. The bi-elliptic transfer's very...
  12. Mooncrasher

    Mice on the moon

    Good job doing it 100% legally
  13. Mooncrasher

    Any way to get back into discord

    1. No, the appeals are the only way, and you seem to have commited a serious offence. 2. The discord community isn't the only SFS community, you're in another SFS community right now.
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    Oh, I forgot those existed.:p
  15. Mooncrasher

    Mice on the moon

    Really really really really easy with the allowed cheats.... I demonstrated here, with "just" infinite fuel (ewww). It doesn't show up because Steam editon, but it's on. We take the obviously most efficient trajectory ever! Straight to the moon. :p Landing here:
  16. Mooncrasher

    Mice on the moon

    Edited, we don't need that particular meme for this mission.
  17. Mooncrasher

    Inspired from Reality Intermediate System (IRIS): "SFS hard mode"

    This one's 1/4 scaled, designed so that with the isp on normal mode your rockets get a 5% payload mass fraction or so, just like real life. Good luck with your search.:)
  18. Mooncrasher

    Team frontier mars mission

    Badge granted. :)
  19. Mooncrasher

    Ban appeal

    I've passed it on to the discord staff.
  20. Mooncrasher

    Ban appeal

    Please read how to make a proper ban appeal. This cannot be submitted in its current form.
  21. Mooncrasher

    Team Frontier Entries

    No, it just kind of slipped through the cracks... Either way, I'm not offended if someone pings me if their submission hasn't been responded to for a few days. Voyager quest, part of the rocket isn't seen, and there's no screenshot from earth orbit. I was going to try see if I could replicate...
  22. Mooncrasher


    Irregardless, no modded engines for that kind of return record. :)
  23. Mooncrasher


    That's quite a mega buff, of course it worked. I'd go so far to say as it makes every other engine except Valiant redundant.
  24. Mooncrasher

    how many kilograms/tons for this rocket at 1:1 earth before its no longer goes to LEO anymore?

    Gravity loss is a big physics thing, that's like saying "if my rocket had infinite fuel it can easily reach another star".
  25. Mooncrasher

    how many kilograms/tons for this rocket at 1:1 earth before its no longer goes to LEO anymore?

    8200 m/s of dV in normal mode with a probe for control. That's a lot, but due to gravity losses etc, a 1:1 earth in normal mode will require perhaps 12,000 m/s of dVo_O I'm not sure of the exact figure. However, it will easily reach orbit in IRIS, and possibly as well in steam edition hard mode.