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  1. Octacorpus

    The hottest guy in the area is back (june event submission)

    After a long break from this community, I'm back to participate in this event, with my rockets that are burning. Here I present my first rocket, no bp edit, no clip, 0% cheats. First stage with 3 engines and 2 side boosters. Second stage with the necessary fuel to reach orbit. Third stage with...
  2. Octacorpus

    "Forum's Minecraft Crossplay Server (Java and Bedrock)" Please?

    Well people from the forum, I came up with a very crazy idea. Remember that ad for a supposed Minecraft server? That never came to anything, so I decided to host a realm server for bedrock, because many here play on cell phones, they are cheaper and from experience they are very reliable. You...
  3. Octacorpus

    Pelican Flight

    Trash edit
  4. Octacorpus

    You favorite vid

    Post your favorite video in YT,(only sketches/comedy)
  5. Octacorpus

    My WIP's

    Now i'm working in this
  6. Octacorpus

    SHSLS Full Flight

    The Little Shuttle Mk3
  7. Octacorpus

    Sfs Big Shuttle (by me)

    Enjoy the video
  8. Octacorpus

    The Little Shuttle

    well, a while ago I said that I was going to make a great ship, so here we start, every day I will upload updates of my great project, I hope it can load at least 2.5 kilotons, and it looks pretty I Made this in 35 minutes, and... Watch the first screenshots
  9. Octacorpus

    My shuttle / starship style at 1.35

    i dont like the space x rcokect desings but is a bit similar of a starship, its name is kd!fjK And I made a very nice sliding door design in my opinion
  10. Octacorpus

    Velic missions to moon, mars & mercury bases

    welll... in my moon ss i docked a module, to search a good plan to make a moon base
  11. Octacorpus

    my frontier engine texture in modloader It doesn't work

  12. Octacorpus


    My base
  13. Octacorpus

    You sign for the like to come back

    (think about it carefully)
  14. Octacorpus

    My potato PC can run 1.35

    Oooh yeah:cool:
  15. Octacorpus

    Replicas that i'm working

    From where is this part? If You say me i Will gift You a chicken
  16. Octacorpus

    I did a launchpad on movement

  17. Octacorpus

    spanish translation (unfinished)

    I'm working on, tomorrow i'll post tomorrow Snek peak
  18. Octacorpus

    My custom solar sistem video

  19. Octacorpus

    Mars Pathfinder mission (video)

  20. Octacorpus

    "Arrecife" Adventures

    In this thread I will publish missions of my "ARRECIFE" pack and at the same time you will see the surfaces and how they are made
  21. Octacorpus

    Land on Moon and back(on IRIS pack)

    This is a bit of a difficult challenge and the rules are simple -One release -No tricks -No bugs (part clipping allowed, bp edit allowed) -Extension of motors not allowed -Screenshots * Launchpad * LEO * Moon orbit * Moon landing * Safely return to earth * Achievements -Has to be played in the...
  22. Octacorpus

    Octacorpus Team Hawk Entry(Planet Pack)

    Background Re-Entry Effect I'm working on the Surface textures
  23. Octacorpus

    Arrecife(Octacorpus Team Frontier Entry)

    Daimacu(Moon) Carista(Moon) Monico(Moon) Visilio(Moon) Nessus(Moon) Muller(Planet) Colosio(Planet) Wasna(Planet) Goku(Planet) Sanghelios(Planet) Porumga(Asteroid) Pillo(Asteroid) Sio(Asteroid)