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  1. Scientia Space Agency

    My Hermes program in IRIS

    Hey guys, I decided to document my progress in a world in the IRIS pack: For now I developed the Hermes family of rockets, with the Hermes I, a solid booster derived launcher capable of putting crew capsules and small cargo into orbit The Hermes II, optimized for putting heavy cargo in LEO and...
  2. Scientia Space Agency

    My Hawk entry

    So that was difficult but I managed the Mercury mission, here photos I did two Venus flyby, that was really hard but I already did a Mercury mission so I knew the drill. For the Shuttle I have mine Astrea, here in his Geera base And on his Earth booster
  3. Scientia Space Agency

    Frontier entry

    So for the replica I have this Ariane5, While for the other missions: I have a Martian space program in free version with a Mars station an base, but unfortunately I’ve only the landing, a photo of the returning capsule that test the docking in LMO and both capsules docked in the station, if...
  4. Scientia Space Agency

    My team Titan entry

    So guys here my Titan challenge, I have a moon base and Hawk recquirements, but I need a mission for the Titan so: Here the mighty SaturnoV, ready to launch Now I done an Apollo style mission, so you know and I’ll not comment all the photos: Yes Dynetics is the best
  5. Scientia Space Agency

    Vars and Velkarion, the Geera's giants

    So here we do the big and badass rockets, for now the heavy lifter Velkarion, that I built for Europa missions And the Vars, an all new shuttle built for Udgard and Geera with a booster configuration for Udgard and a launch tower for Geera The Vars have also a D variant, but secret here...