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  1. Lev from Ukraine

    Mustafar System!!!

    Another planetary system in the Star Wars movie universe that replaces the default system. This time Mustafar. Enjoy!!!(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Link to
  2. Lev from Ukraine


    This system is smaller than the diameter of the orbit of Venus and replaces the default system. The Kepler-20 planetary system is made up of hot Neptunes and rocky incandescent planets. The first colony was founded on an unnamed asteroid, your task is to explore the Kepler-20 system! Link to...
  3. Lev from Ukraine

    Base on asteroid

    This world is just a base on an asteroid. Lin ro download:Base on
  4. Lev from Ukraine

    Alderaan System!!!

    Another system from the Star Wars universe!!! Alderaan, there's an entire space station orbiting this planet. I even came up with a mini mission: to transfer 200 tons of payload in at least 10 launches in one hour. Good luck! Link to
  5. Lev from Ukraine

    Hoth System!!!

    So, it's time for the second pack on the theme of Star Wars. This time the Hot System from the fifth episode. It is immediately worth noting that I added only the largest satellites to the gas giants, and then the satellites of the planets were invented by me (except for the planet Hoth). Link...
  6. Lev from Ukraine

    Tatooine System!!!

    This mod replaces the default system with the Tatooine system from Star Wars! Link to download:Maak kennis met Google Drive: één plek voor al je bestanden
  7. Lev from Ukraine


    This set of planets replaces the system by default with TRAPPIST-1, your spaceport is located on the third planet, two things should be said right away: I took the textures of the planets either from modders or from Google, and also the satellites of the planets are fictitious. Enjoy :) Modders...
  8. Lev from Ukraine

    Application to the Frontier team 3/3

    Gas Gas Gas!!! P.S. Sorry, but I forgot to take a screenshot near Mars, but I took a screenshot near Jupiter
  9. Lev from Ukraine

    I'm trying to complete the Voyager quest.

    Of course, I encountered such difficulties that I did not even expect such an impossibility of this task. I have two drawings, I want to consult which one is better and what could be improved.
  10. Lev from Ukraine

    Recruitment to Team Frontier

    I'm sorry, but I forgot to take a picture of the launch of the third rocket
  11. Lev from Ukraine

    Ukrainian rocket "Zenit-3SL"

  12. Lev from Ukraine

    Huge collection of mods

    В этой коллекции: 1. Хорошо спроектированная солнечная система 2. Много звезд 3. Три галактики (пока) Just tell me, dodik, how to place the download PS переводил в гугл переводчике, извините за плохой перевод