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    Team titan entry with the S3

    I hope this is fine
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    Shadow galaxy (PC version)

    this version should not be used for mobile, the link for the mobile version is here: Shadow Galaxy V1.0
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    S4 mk1

    this is an extremely reliable rocket that can get you to high earth orbit if you have the skill, but is recommender for low or medium earth orbits. content://ru.zdevs.zarchiver.external/storage/9C33-6BBD/Android/data/com.StefMorojna.SpaceflightSimulator/files/Saving/Blueprints/S4/Blueprint.txt
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    Team Titan entry

    the screenshots might not be in order
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    So I have all debris cleared and my phone is at optimal condition. And sfs is still freezing for a full munite after pressing the seperation button. I would like a fix for this problem please. P.S.This is a brand new world with no other rockets.
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    Shadow Galaxy V1.0

    as of this version there are 3 stars 4 planets and 6 moons so enjoy :) ps.i update weekly download:
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    my entry for team titan

    didn't get the whole thing on the ground but I hope it's ok