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  1. Mooncrasher

    SFS Discord ban Apeal

    Thread closed.
  2. Mooncrasher

    SolarLantern's Team Hawk Submissions

    Come on, 10% of 790t is 79t, not 30t. :) I suggest you rework your shuttle to carry the same payload as it does now, but firstly make the shuttle as small and light as you can by using less fuel tanks (or simply emptying them when you can't remove them) and shaping more of its body with light...
  3. Mooncrasher

    SolarLantern's Team Hawk Submissions

    You can do better. It should carry about a minimum of 10% of its liftoff mass to orbit, but any more than that I can't really tell you until the weekend and a blueprint link either here or in DMs.:)
  4. Mooncrasher

    Team Frontier Instructions!

    It does not matter for team frontier challenges.
  5. Mooncrasher

    SolarLantern's Team Hawk Submissions

    Very well done, quite deserved! :)
  6. Mooncrasher

    Public Progress Thread (Off-topic SFS)

    This is SFS related, I promise. :P
  7. Mooncrasher

    Mercury landing

    Needs screenshots of all encounters and any deep space maneuvers you make. :)
  8. Mooncrasher

    Team titan enter

    Have you fixed the bug with your achievements? We do need that screen...
  9. Mooncrasher

    Team Titan Entry! by BGnoname

    No worries, it all seems to check out.
  10. Mooncrasher

    Team Titan entire

    Badge granted.
  11. Mooncrasher

    Moon mission

    Badge granted, sorry about the delay, we missed this one for a while. :eek: Belated welcome to the forum as well.
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    Actually Complete Solar System 2.0 - Development Thread

    No, it's fine as it's a development thread. Theres precedents for that. :)
  13. Mooncrasher

    Ban appeal after a month

    Thread closed.
  14. Mooncrasher

    unban appeal

    Thread closed.
  15. Mooncrasher

    Link to old (and obsolete) modloader mods

    We have additional sections for mods, parts and textures using the official modloader which were broken by Obsolete mods: Obsolete Mods Obsolete parts: Obsolete Custom Parts Obsolete textures: Obsolete Textures
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    Team Frontier entry

    Yeah, still well done though. :)
  17. Mooncrasher

    Floater Challenge

    Badge granted.
  18. Mooncrasher

    Floater Challenge

    There isn't an easy place to dock, now. If you either add a better docking area or move the escape capsule near the orbit changer so that the front docking area is free, then I'll accept it.
  19. Mooncrasher

    Team Hawk submission - Mercury mission

    Yes, I overlooked that two passes of Venus are required in this case.:eek:
  20. Mooncrasher

    Team Hawk submission - Mercury mission

    Mercury mission Here's Altaïr 's mercury submission, it demonstrates how he did a flypast of venus when it was on the "left" of the screen, which meant that the gravity assist from it "caught" mercury on the "right" of the screen, where it is closer to the sun due to eccentricity of its orbit...
  21. Mooncrasher

    coffee's Team Frontier Entry

    It passes, but for subsequent missions you should make sure to either add a few tonnes of ballast to each stage or increase the size of parts properly. The "fins" are made from stretched cones, so they only weigh as much as the unstretched cone. You can instead increase the length of the cone...
  22. Mooncrasher

    unban appeal

    The Radio Dæmon do not interfere.
  23. Mooncrasher

    team frontier voyager quest

    No it does not count. you cannot drain the fuel from the probe, since it makes the probe weigh less. It's even a blatant attempt at cheating if the lowest fuel bar in the earth orbit photo represents the second stage.
  24. Mooncrasher

    Team Hawk submission - Mercury mission

    You should be burning a minimal amount of fuel near Venus, so it's not a worry. ;)
  25. Mooncrasher

    Fly me to the moon challenge

    Badge granted, that's a huge improvement indeed from the first to the final. Although, note that if your booster trajectory was a little steeper, you may not have had to waste fuel flying the shuttle off-prograde.;)