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  1. Sportgus

    New moon base Im building

    Beautifully crafted! I love the use of so many different parts
  2. Sportgus

    BP editing tools - Part aligner and ring generator.

    Wow actually thats a smart use, you would just need it to be low enough resolution to not cause too much lag
  3. Sportgus

    Some of my thoughts and philosophies

    Sometimes I get really deep or complex thoughts and I want to document them somewhere, but I procrastinate and forget about them. I'll post some random thoughts here
  4. Sportgus

    Space Stations

    Thanks Hawk! :)
  5. Sportgus

    Space Stations

    "TWT" A station which is very close to being finished, just need finishing touches and to make two shuttles for it
  6. Sportgus


    Yes I somehow misspelled that
  7. Sportgus


    Oi, be aware that you replied to a 4 year old post. You are not going to get a reply, this is necroposting. You probably should reply to posts that are years old
  8. Sportgus


    Oi, be aware that you replied to a 4 year old post. You are not going to get a reply, this is necroposting
  9. Sportgus

    My space painting

    Eye catching! When an omnipotent alien watches human colonization:
  10. Sportgus

    Can you have negative gravity?

    Are you able to make the mass or gravity of a planet negative somehow? By this I mean that the planet repels a rocket. If so, can you make an artificial ocean by having super tiny "planets" or something inside the earth with a super blue atmosphere that can repel rockets, simulating buoyancy?
  11. Sportgus

    Kiloton Club

    It's huge! One thing I noticed was how steep your angle of attack was. I may be missing something but you could have angled way more instead of going almost straight up and it would have saved fuel
  12. Sportgus

    Simple Probe Remake

    Wait till TheEpicChicken sees this
  13. Sportgus

    Team Hawk Instructions!

    You can either make your rocket normally, just standard launching a rocket directly after building it, have it need to be assembled on the launchpad someway, or assemble it in orbit. I mean after launching the rocket out of the building grid
  14. Sportgus

    Team Hawk Instructions!

    A Jovian moon is one of Jupiter's moons, Jovian Jupiter. You have to land on any of Jupiter's moons and return back to earth with no damages, unless they are empty fuel tanks or stages. You are allowed to construct your rocket on the launchpad or in orbit.
  15. Sportgus

    I'm looking for recommendations for a single player tank game is a very realistic tank game which can be single player :p
  16. Sportgus

    how do I @ someone in a reply?

    Just put @ in front of their name like @[Username]
  17. Sportgus

    Another 1:1 saturn v (this time alot better)

    So much details I couldn't tell if some little parts were the dust on my screen or the actual rocket XD Very nice!
  18. Sportgus

    Unconventional Team Titan entry

    Still a funny submission anyway
  19. Sportgus

    Micro-Lunar Rocket Challenge

    I think there is a fuel tank or two, an engine, and a probe probably
  20. Sportgus

    Space Station Quest Entry

    Don't do this, they will reply to your thread you just need to wait. Sometimes this can take weeks, usually it's days so be patient. Only ping the staff members another time if it's been like a week without a reply, in your case it was only a few hours.
  21. Sportgus


    A rover that can breed
  22. Sportgus

    Team Titan entry

  23. Sportgus

    Team Titan Entry

    I love the decoration! Reminds me of my own Team Titan mission :p