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  1. Horus Lupercal

    my question threads

    There is probably three, maybe 4 docking tutorials on the forum. Hell, I've made two
  2. Horus Lupercal

    Team Hawk: Mercury Mission

    3 posts in 2 minutes that could've been put together.
  3. Horus Lupercal


    Has nothing to do with it. Infact, its even less of an excuse
  4. Horus Lupercal


    The Armata apparently already has such a system. However, no one has seen it in action, the Russians have never explained or demo'd it so as far as the west is concerned it's about as real a claim as Chickens ultra heavy launch vehicles. I think the main time delay will be that Rafael will...
  5. Horus Lupercal


    It would've, if they'd have gone with 130mm autoloader that rheinmetall designed specifically for challenger III. But why would you want 50% extra firepower to deal with future threats when you can stick with the old weapon. Two reasons. 1. Dropping the crew from 4 to 3 because of the...
  6. Horus Lupercal


    Well. That is how it all started.
  7. Horus Lupercal

    Jupiter Capable Rocket (No Clipping)

    Bit of an engine swap and you'll never need to make a fuss about clipping ever again.
  8. Horus Lupercal


    It's amazing just how much modern tanks pack into such a small space. And you can still see the design lineage as well. Although, it'd be closer showing a Tiger I next to the Leo I need to go to Tiger Day one year, when the VID isn't being a dick.
  9. Horus Lupercal

    far land challenge

    Where is far land...? Is this an asteroid in Eternia somewhere...?
  10. Horus Lupercal

    share rovers blueprints

    Here you go.
  11. Horus Lupercal

    Support to add Team Ion

    Team Ion Challenges. Earth Dyson Sphere. Low Solar Orbit. A megaton launch system. All have to be completed without ion engines to earn the rank.
  12. Horus Lupercal

    how to make heavy launch vechile

    How do you make a heavy launch vehicle? Same way as you make a small launch vehicle. Start with the payload (Like, what would you call 'heavy lift'?), add stages as appropriate and don't listen to the Chicken.
  13. Horus Lupercal

    how to orbit mercury

    You can go direct as well with a tiny rocket. damn right.