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  1. crux


    A elevator I made to move up to the next floor, for your traveling purposes, unable to take the stairs.
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    Fr? Didn't download the bp yett
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    Damn gotta be pretty sad
  4. crux

    SLS Block 1B

    The SLS that I improved to have more detail and no cheats and still I don't have the Lunar Getaway in orbit around the moon I'm still working on the station for the landing, hope you enjoy this SLS.
  5. crux

    Spinning thing no cheats

    This would make a great ferris wheel if possible
  6. crux


    Well I didn't have the station next to the moon so I landed it on the moon without the lander.
  7. crux

    Complete space station

    This station is really cool! I like the details and the satellite dish, good work!
  8. crux


    This is a proto of my SLS it's not that good and it will need no heat damage and no burn marks is optional, again it's a proto and it needs cheats. This SLS also has the fuel to get to the moon and back in one shot. This rocket needs more developing to add more details and to make it so it...
  9. crux

    just a normal saturn v

    this is always how I build my saturn v
  10. crux

    just a normal saturn v

    perfectly normal no questions to ask
  11. crux

    Robotic Arm

    Use the first blueprint for any space stations that you have or are building make sure to enable rcs for each section of the arm, the wheels are already on so no need to enable them, the second blueprint is used for testing, I recommend using infinite fuel and no gravity, just like the first...
  12. crux

    Launch Tower

    Also make sure that the docking ports aren't attached to your rocket when you want to launch or else it would make the tower fly with you
  13. crux

    Launch Tower

    Launch Tower that I made parts and skin pack needed
  14. crux

    My ISS

    Thoughts on my ISS?
  15. crux


    free tank that I made no expansion pack needed.