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  1. Gecko Gekkota

    Two-Factor Authentication Rollout

    2FA should now be up for all accounts with the exception of those who've withdrawn. Any issues please DM me here or message me through the Backup Server
  2. Gecko Gekkota

    JSPs Journey to space.

    that's pretty cool!
  3. Gecko Gekkota

    JSPs Journey to space.

    :O it's an absolute honour to have a lander named after me, thanks JSP!
  4. Gecko Gekkota

    SFS Forums' General News!

    This Jim's a little shy in groups, but always happy to welcome a new face. By all accounts he was a little lonely back in his reality Looks more like a welcome message now, I'm sure Jim'll be able to follow the new script with ease That was one of the main drives behind this, it's tedious work...
  5. Gecko Gekkota

    Lego Builds

    I do kinda want to build something now, but again, I don't have the space for it. as well as little desk space, I have a lot of boxes everywhere for moving out and selling old PC parts and stuff. Maybe I'll build something later in the summer
  6. Gecko Gekkota

    A new Era

    As one ends, a new one begins. As of Tuesday, Blazer has taken on the role as Forum admin. And I have stepped down to Forum Technician. I have no doubt Blazer will serve the forum well, in my absence he's shown just how well he and the mod team can look after the forums. I hope you're look...
  7. Gecko Gekkota

    Lego Builds

    it's alright, I do still love Lego, as TT said, it never gets old. With my channel and animation, I just don't have the time anymore to make the videos, let alone play with Lego. Doesn't help my PC and new monitors take up practically all my desk. But you can bet I'll be bringing some Lego to uni.
  8. Gecko Gekkota

    Miscellaneous Downloads

    This'll be for any SFS downloads that don't already have their own dedicated section. This is including, but not limited to the following: translation files sfs-related apps scripts & tools
  9. Gecko Gekkota

    How do i customize my profile?

    Blazer's right, it's not doable