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  1. XenonSpace

    Copycat mission (2/3)

    I'm using Android 12, v1.5.9.9, there's no setting about it. Just "detach edge (something like that)" and "adapt to fuel tanks". I didn't purchase the expansion packs, so I can't do that.
  2. XenonSpace

    Tricky Situation

    How does one be able to do that? Could you show me how?
  3. XenonSpace

    Copycat mission (2/3)

    I don't think that's possible on mobile, as there's no such feature.
  4. XenonSpace

    A giant astronaut!

    'Cause its an AstroJaeger. get it? it's a ref. to pacific rim terrible joke I know
  5. XenonSpace

    A rover, I beg you to rate it

    Incredible rover! Definitely worth a year.
  6. XenonSpace

    L.S.P Contract-???

    Usage of a and an.
  7. XenonSpace

    (REVISED) My Low Earth Orbit Satellite (

    About not updating to 1.5.9? Apparently their device doesn't support newer versions, so they use a version that works.
  8. XenonSpace

    (REVISED) My Low Earth Orbit Satellite (

    They're not in 1.6, but as far as I know.
  9. XenonSpace

    James Webb Space Telescope

    Then please credit the person who originally made the blueprint.
  10. XenonSpace

    My Low Earth Orbit Satellite (V1.5.6+)

    Installing an APK is not considered as piracy, as long as in-app purchases or paid versions aren't included in the APK for free. So, Archon did not pirate the game.
  11. XenonSpace

    James Webb Space Telescope

    Nice Ariane and Webb. How long did it take you to build?
  12. XenonSpace

    Shower Poll

    Me who don't use a shower: "my goals are beyond your understanding."
  13. XenonSpace

    a new space base.

    Interesting, I didn't know that it could hold multiple classifications.
  14. XenonSpace

    a new space base.

    It is a dwarf planet, at least today. Back then it was the first asteroid discovered, and then classified as a planet, back to asteroid, and finally dwarf planet. It just happened to orbit in the asteroid belt.
  15. XenonSpace

    My “awesome” Blueprint

    Side boosters are edited.
  16. XenonSpace

    SFS of the future?

    Illegal moves, phase through pieces, swap colours, those aren't cheating. That's Chess 2.
  17. XenonSpace

    Proton X-I rocket.

    Pepperoni with extra cheese.
  18. XenonSpace

    Light Speed!

    Edit that to 1 yottanewtons and it crashes in a blink of an eye.
  19. XenonSpace

    Holy Sheiße!

    Just an old ranking system based on how many messages you've posted.
  20. XenonSpace

    LEO challenge - Real size Earth

    Ah yes, Bill Kerman the space guy.
  21. XenonSpace

    How do acarri drives work?

    Somewhat like this, but the other port isn't attached to anything.
  22. XenonSpace

    Un-clear able debris? Follow this guide!

    Manually clearing them and then click "Build new rocket" will get the job done without deleting other rockets.
  23. XenonSpace

    Is there a app on andriod or apk the can help me edit blueprints

    This thread was almost 3 years old. And the original poster was also inactive since 3 years ago. It's very unlikely for them to view your reply. Please check on the dates and don't necropost.
  24. XenonSpace

    coffee's Team Titan Entry

    Interesting rocket you have there. Somewhat N1-ish but very cool.
  25. XenonSpace

    Generic Airliner Plane

    Ah yes, when a passenger plane is turned to a bomber plane. Surely nothing bad happens in Hiroshima at 6 August '45.