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  1. Earl

    600 tn entry

    The payload you claim to have launched weighs 600t. However, the payload you actually launched has 1 less fuel tank than the one you said you launched. You're not even trying to hide the fact that you're cheating.
  2. Earl

    Ariane 5

    not only did you respond to an inactive thread made a month ago, you didn't even finish your sentence...
  3. Earl

    Call Of War

    A good balance of units is best. Research artillery and heavy armor as much as you can, because both of those are helpful. Also, a good air force is really important too. And ships are important too of course.
  4. Earl

    Call Of War

    So uh, turns out we didn't win. For some reason, the game gave the win to a solo player who had about 50% of the victory points needed to win, even though our coalition had enough VPs to win.
  5. Earl

    Call Of War

    My allies and I invaded almost all of Europe and north america, so we won the round. One of my allies and I got 1.3k and 1k VPs respectively, and my other 3 allies all got ~500. This was my first world at war round, so I'm pretty happy with how it went
  6. Earl

    Call Of War

    I'm still doing a round so I guess I'll post here. My allies unfortunately had to go to war with 2 of the nations in Africa we were previously allied with. We then went on to invade all of south America, and I'm now advancing into north america.
  7. Earl

    SSLV isro

    Could you rotate the blue fairing 90° so it doesn't connect to the other ones?
  8. Earl


    A conlang (short for constructed language) is a language whose words, phonology, etc. are created consciously (as opposed to being formed over time like most languages). In short, a conlang is a fictional language. I'm not sure if anyone here has tried making one before, but if you have, feel...
  9. Earl

    Call Of War

    Uhh, shouldn't the rocket be pointy end up when it's over allied territory...?
  10. Earl

    Call Of War

    How is this unit even alive...?
  11. Earl

    Can I Do It? -_-

    That rocket is pretty inefficient, and the design of it could make it hard to fly. It probably can reach the moon with plenty of ∆V to spare, but you could make a rocket that's easily capable of a mars mission in the same space. I'll leave some tips and an example of an improved rocket for you...
  12. Earl

    Call Of War

    A few of my friends and I have taken over most of Africa in a world at war game. We're also #1 in the game at the moment. and yes, I know this thread has been inactive for several months. If this counts as a necropost, sorry about that.
  13. Earl


    Found this cool picture of a Leo 2 and Pz.4
  14. Earl

    You sign for the like to come back

    Because of likebots, likes were given to any post, regardless of quality. Basically, you could spam meaningless posts and get far more likes than someone who writes longer, more thought out messages. And the ranks were based on likes too, so there was actually an incentive to spam. So no, likes...
  15. Earl

    the new photography thread

    Docks used to load iron ore onto ships The moon on a lake
  16. Earl

    Frontier entry

    To be fair, I just said well over 100,000 tons. Never said how much heavier than 100 kilotons it is :p
  17. Earl

    Frontier entry

    Well you see, Horus had this massive rocket (called the komodo), with a mass well over 100,000 tons iirc. At one point chicken claimed he had a rocket capable of putting the komodo into orbit, fully fueled and intact. So recently people have been asking chicken to show us his komodo launcher
  18. Earl

    Launchpad on station

    I'll make it even easier to understand. Launchpads need to be stationary relative to whatever planet they're on. Stations need to be moving relative to whatever planet they're on (orbiting). You can't have a station and launch pad together because one is moving and the other isn't.
  19. Earl


    I'm assuming this is what you mean
  20. Earl

    la minecraft builds

    This is actually from yesterday, but I figured I would share anyway. I built the beginning of a road network on my floating platform, and finished the bridge to it. I still need to add supports for the bridge though.
  21. Earl

    la minecraft builds

    I just built it in the sky. There are airports on the server, but they just have stationary planes with teleport commands
  22. Earl

    la minecraft builds

    I personally use sildurs. They're pretty nice shaders and don't slow the game down too much
  23. Earl

    la minecraft builds

    I have no idea how to get a world download of my build because it's on a server, not a singleplayer world. If I figure it out I can let you know though :)
  24. Earl

    la minecraft builds

    Depending on which platform you play bedrock on, you can use shaders. what do you mean?
  25. Earl

    la minecraft builds