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  1. Loxy

    Entry for Team Hawk 1/5 (possibly 1/1)

    Mercury landing challenge Earth orbit from save First Venus fly by Second Venus fly by Mercury approach Caprure Mercury into LMO Prepare for landing Starting landing burn Landing No one solar panel was broken. Perfect
  2. Loxy

    Team Hawk Instructions!

    About first mission for Base game players. Sun is included in all flyby bodies?
  3. Loxy

    Team Frontier Entry 3/3

    Space Station mission All flights were imaged Totaly 16 screenshots, 4 per flight (Bp, Launchpad, approach, docking)
  4. Loxy

    Team Frontier: Voyager Quest

    When I ll Team Hawk ranked. So, lets count. Your delta V is ≈3500 (maximum 3700 i think) As example my craft when i finished maneuver to escape solar system was about 3300m/s speed. LEO speed of earth is ≈1640m/s, so I speed up 1660m/s. To reach LEO needs 2600 delta v in best way. Total to...
  5. Loxy

    Team Frontier: Voyager Quest

    Only high trust engine? Looks sus. Someone with dlc, pleace, rebuild it and check
  6. Loxy

    June Contest Brief, Instructions, Rules, Help.

    Buildings at orbit using multiple launches is allowed?
  7. Loxy

    Team Frontier entry 2/3

  8. Loxy

    Team Frontier entry 2/3

    No problem
  9. Loxy

    Team Frontier entry 2/3

    So why Bp Voyager with strut part in a probe. It didnt want to download and I decided to recreate and increase weight with struts
  10. Loxy

    Team Frontier entry 2/3

    Voyager quest Bp Launchpad LEO Escape soi And going interstellar. Bon Voyage!
  11. Loxy

    Voyager Quest entry

    Ops, wrong post
  12. Loxy

    Inquiry about the Voyager Quest

    Voyager quest is not replica of flight. Its a challenge. Challenge to exit the solar system without gravity maneuvers
  13. Loxy

    Voyager Quest entry

    So, first The Voyager didnt want to download, so i recreated it. But weight wasnt same and i added some (i think its allowed) A And flight: Blueprint Launchpad LEO Escape Earth SOI 11.360.000 km at 7353m/s Height of orbit: out of solar system Bon voyage little spaceship
  14. Loxy

    Mars telescope

    Or sun closer than moon
  15. Loxy

    How to add textures and skrech engines

    Your own textures? Go to 1.35. Only here you can. Or make mod by yourself to 1.5 for adding own textures
  16. Loxy

    Reentery update?

    Pov: chicken got grilled
  17. Loxy

    Megaton launcher

    Megaton is a 1000 kilotons?
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    Zoo of Germany tanks
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  20. Loxy

    How did a member become an admin?

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    Mmmm dual landings
  22. Loxy

    Most Realistic Lunar Starship

    Not most but cul