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  1. JSP

    SOYUZ :3

  2. JSP

    The Moon Tour

  3. JSP

    A rocket from space agency (SA)

    What help do you need and is it related to the rocket?
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    Dalek from Doctor Who "The Chase" 1964

    If you are from the UK, they are on BBC Iplayer
  5. JSP

    Dalek from Doctor Who "The Chase" 1964

    I am afraid not, a 1:1 Scale Dalek would be similar to 2 struts. Thank you very much, I do recommend you watch the old ones.
  6. JSP

    Crew Demo

    Yes/No also you dont need to say necropost to every thread
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    NASA sls rocket

    Ik what you meant, I thought id take the opportunity for a joke. I don't have one sadly however they should be easy to make. Why not try make your own version?
  8. JSP

    NASA sls rocket

  9. JSP

    A very peculiar "Rocket"

    How the fuck? Docking ports?
  10. JSP

    Moon Maker attempt

  11. JSP

    Moon Maker attempt

    I'm gonna suggest this then. What if we do a dome what revamp of the challenges then?
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    Progress Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

    NGL i cant even remember.
  13. JSP

    Progress Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Altaïr, I know you are a planet editor expert. What have I done wrong?
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    Not National Team's Lander

    Its not since they are contributing to the thread.
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    zTalls's Astronaut

    Finally a new torture victim, muhahaha!
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    Progress Thread 2: Electric Boogaloo

    To Gallifrey! Ahhhh I've done something wrong. Why isnt the texture full? Why is it so... cloudy?
  17. JSP

    Full Solar System (Mercury-Sedna) Update 1.4: Eris and Dysnomia

    A necro post is when you reply to a inactive thread However in this case you aren't really necroposting since you are contributing to the the thread, if it was just a shitpost etc it would be considered that.
  18. JSP

    Team Titan (Very Normal)

    Denied sorry, no image of launch pad lol.
  19. JSP

    Ss520 replica

    Mate can you stop pinging, people will get to you when they can. You ain't a priority in their lives. Be patient.
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    My Shuttle Entry

    All looks good to me. I approve just need someone to give you the badge now.
  21. JSP

    My Shuttle Entry

    I'm a Judge I can check.
  22. JSP

    a space station i made with my free time

    It is possible to make it so it doesn't need cheats.