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  1. The epic chicken

    Pause of certain Team Hawk missions, and planned rank improvements.

    Speaking of new rules for the replica challenge, can I use a replica of a car under these new rules?
  2. The epic chicken

    Member of the year 2023

    I'll nominate Mooncrasher
  3. The epic chicken

    Kiloton Club

    The Megaton Rocket: Part II
  4. The epic chicken

    Halo things in SFS

    Nice work
  5. The epic chicken

    Need help again

    The link I posted allowed you to download all of the versions back to 1.1 at the time posting, I'm not sure if there's any where to download 1.0 or pre release versions though
  6. The epic chicken

    SFS Asteroid Contest Winner

    Congratulations to the winners
  7. The epic chicken

    Team Judges

    Make Cars acceptable for the replica challenge :p
  8. The epic chicken

    1 star reviews of Spaceflight Simulator

    Let's not forget this gem
  9. The epic chicken

    EMD SD40-2

  10. The epic chicken

    Show off your stations

    This is mine Everything here is mine except for the starship, the orian and the dragon capsule
  11. The epic chicken

    EMD SD40-2

  12. The epic chicken

    Completing New Challenges

    Is this still beta or public release yet?
  13. The epic chicken

    Forum Station 4! (I think)

    Atleast my car survived
  14. The epic chicken

    Just some things Epic chicken draws

    Maybe, but I'll probably procrastinate about doing it for like 2 months
  15. The epic chicken

    Just some things Epic chicken draws

  16. The epic chicken

    EMD SD40-2

    The EMD SD40-2 is a C-C Diesel electric locomotive produced by Electro-Motive Diesel from 1972 to 1989, it is a standard gauge locomotive The SD40-2 was powered by a turbocharged, 10.6L V16 EMD 16-645E3 engine, which revved up to 900 RPM and produced around 3000 HP, My replicas can travel at...
  17. The epic chicken

    My cat is gonna die :(

    R.I.P. Frank
  18. The epic chicken

    10,000th Thread!

    I mean you're not wrong
  19. The epic chicken

    10,000th Thread!

    Ah cool, we've got 10,000 threads, now how long to 25,000 lol?
  20. The epic chicken

    My space painting

    These are very nice paintings