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    Ban appeal.

    Appeal denied
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    ban appeal

    Some characters are allowed through the filter because they are a valid response, spamming them isnt. As for the rest of your appeal, a lot of words to state you take issue with a rainbow overlaid on top of the icon. Your first interaction with the server was your intent on leaving because the...
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    Ban appeal discord

    Appeal denied.
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    Ban appeal

    If you joined on an alt and got that banned that would be the cause.
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    Ban appeal

    Neither discord or bot logs show you as banned. The last action involving your ID was you leaving the server
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    Ban appeals

    TOS, cannot appeal denied.
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    Its been a while..

    We wouldve much preferred you heeded our advice and avoided this. It was a series of easily avoidable incidents. Part of life is making mistakes and learning on your own. Your appeal has been accepted. You will be on an indefinite probation
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    Ban appeal

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    Ban appeal

    Your appeal is denied. Every interaction you've had with staff devolved into you talking in circles and attempting to fabricate some story of how you are a victim of a personal grudge. Honorable mention to the time you attempted to claim an automute was a personal attack, and then your...
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    Ban appeal: misunderstanding

    Appeal denied. The issue isn't the archived version of the game, rather your behavior on the server.
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    Ban Appel 2 (it’s been 2 years)

    Appeal denied.
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    Ban Appeal

    Appeal denied
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    Discord SFS appeal (number 2)

    Appeal denied
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    ban appeal

    Appeal denied.
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    Adiri's unban appeal.

    There are nearly 60 recorded mod-logs associated to you and your accounts. Appeal denied. I respect the brevity.
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    Ban Appeal, ban evasion apparently??

    You made an alt account to evade a 12 hour mute, got both accounts banned for evasion. Come back with a third and... expected something different. "but i was doing it to talk to mods since they dont answer dms and i thought waiting 24hrs was wrong." This is incorrect, staff do answer DMs. "there...
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    Ban Appeal~ Piracy... Please read.

    Appeal denied
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    Discord Ban Appeal

    Rule 6: Piracy in any form is not open for discussion. Appeal denied.
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    Ban Appeal

    Rule 6: Piracy in any form is not open for discussion. Appeal denied.
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    Ban Appeal

    Appeal denied.
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    Sorry attempt #3

    Appeal denied. Future appeals will be denied as well. "a person unrelated to the conversation" and "this situation could have been avoided if I hadn't been provoked." isn't a defense. This might work on your parents, but it won't here. My staff have every right to be involved with every...
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    Too Late Now

    "If you wanted to make one why didn't you make one? Why did you get someone else to do it and in a completely wrong channel to post something like that?" I make and post the majority of the announcements, it's a very mechanical process. Requiring all 3 admins to review it, check for obvious...
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    Too Late Now

    Hello Head Administrator of the SpaceFlight Simulator discord here. I'd like to correct a few things in this post; I asked infinity publicly, to make a happy new year post. Normal users cannot add reactions to the rules channel, it was me who added the reaction. Since you clearly have an alt...
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    Tricked not hacked

    Appeal denied.
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    You were given a reason, this was verified by you during your complaint to me about the responding admin. As for the other half of your appeal, a quick look at your logs states otherwise. Appeal denied.