1. Blazer Ayanami

    To Varuna and back, weighting less than 30 tons.

    Okay, this mission is originally inspired by Horus Lupercal, and his 20-tons-to-crash-on-Jupiter rocket. I think the title of the thread is very self-explainable... I'm just going to build a rocket capable to land on the TNO Varuna, weighting less than 30 tons, and get back to Earth. The rocket...
  2. Gurren Lagann

    Actually Complete Solar System (ACSS) Release Thread

    Welcome to ACSS! Actually Complete Solar System, or ACSS for short, is a massive solar system expansion pack, featuring 251 new solar system bodies (list in the README.txt file). ACSS is currently at Version 1.0, so more SSBs will come! Credits to the packs i used (that i remenber) are also...
  3. Gurren Lagann

    Actually Complete Solar System (ACSS) Development Thread - and list of ACSS bodies

    This is the development thread for ACSS. Here you can follow the pack while its not released. ACSS Current Bodies, closest to farthest - WIP list (Bold = planets and dwarf planets, Italic = Major Solar System region, Underline = Minor Solar System region): The Sun¹ Mercury¹ Venus¹ Earth¹ The...