Epic chicken's HoT entry

The epic chicken

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Hi, I'm epic chicken and today, I'll be flying you on a HoT flyby tour of Venus, Mercury and the sun

This is my HoT spaceship, with a liftoff mass off 9,976 tonnes
Screenshot_20220612-132842_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

It consists of one massive launching stage, the blast us into orbit, and another 4 efficiency stages for the flybys
Screenshot_20220612-133619_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we lift off while producing some extreme lag
Screenshot_20220612-133742_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And climb high into the atmosphere
Screenshot_20220612-133828_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg
Screenshot_20220612-133831_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we reach orbit safely
Screenshot_20220612-134001_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we do a transfer burn to venus with the launch stage's remaining fuel
Screenshot_20220612-134050_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And use the efficiency stage boosters to finish the burn
Screenshot_20220612-134422_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And off we go
Screenshot_20220612-134432_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

Oh and we should probably chuck the fairings
Screenshot_20220612-134905_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

Hello venus
Screenshot_20220612-135035_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we'll burn to venus again for another gravity assist
Screenshot_20220612-135331_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

and off we go
Screenshot_20220612-135432_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

Hello again Venus
and bye Venus
Screenshot_20220612-135503_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

Now we'll burn to Mercury
Screenshot_20220612-135721_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we're on a flyby of Mercury
Screenshot_20220612-135808_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

Hello Mecury
Screenshot_20220612-135832_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we leave Mercury
Screenshot_20220612-135920_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we'll coast for a bit, and start our flyby burn
Screenshot_20220612-135934_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

The side boosters have ran out of fuel, so we'll jettison them and fire up the core's engines

(To Be Continued)

The epic chicken

Grim Reaper
July Contest Winner
July Contest Category Winner
Swingin' on a Star
Fly me to the Moon
Under Pressure
Screenshot_20220612-140220_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

After some more slowing down, the core runs out, so we'll open the second stage
Screenshot_20220612-140240_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg
Screenshot_20220612-140542_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we slow down enough to get under 500,000 km
Screenshot_20220612-140607_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

Hello sun
Screenshot_20220612-213641_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

and now I'll fly back to earth, well after we wait for a low cost transfer burn to show up
Screenshot_20220612-213708_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

A low cost transfer burn has showed up so let's go to Earth
Screenshot_20220612-213810_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we'll use the final stage as the second stage is empty now
Screenshot_20220612-213840_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we're nearly there
Screenshot_20220612-213901_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

Approaching earth
Screenshot_20220612-213919_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we're in the soi
Screenshot_20220612-214013_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we do some braking burns
Screenshot_20220612-214059_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And another
Screenshot_20220612-214604_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And another
Screenshot_20220612-214622_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we've done enough braking to safely re enter, so bye bye final stage
Screenshot_20220612-214652_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we're re entering
Screenshot_20220612-214727_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

Still slowing down
Screenshot_20220612-214811_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

About to hit 15 kilometres off the ground
Screenshot_20220612-214921_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And we've done a successful re entery
Screenshot_20220612-214949_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

Parachutes have been deployed

(To Be Continued)

The epic chicken

Grim Reaper
July Contest Winner
July Contest Category Winner
Swingin' on a Star
Fly me to the Moon
Under Pressure

Screenshot_20220612-215200_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

Jettison and clear debris of the heat shields and parachute assemblies
Screenshot_20220612-215207_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg
Screenshot_20220612-215213_Spaceflight Simulator.jpg

And the achievements menu

So yeah, thats my HoT entry and thank you for choosing HoT Spots Tourist Agency


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