Orion's Planet Pack

This mod replaces the stock solar system, with 20 new planets and moons that orbit around a 2-star binary system. Before installing this mod, you should move your old quicksaves and your resources folder into a backup folder, as this mod is not compatible with other planet mods as of December 30th, 2019. Later on, I will reply you with links to expansion mods that are compatible for this specific mod. Blueprint packs however will work with any planet pack. If you use this mod in a YouTube video or submit it to a mod-sharing website, you should give credit, because I worked hard to make this mod, and I do not like it when people take my mods and say it is their own mod. When I successfully finished this mod, I confirmed that it is now possible to use custom star names. Unfortunately, you can't use a custom name for your home world, because the game is currently programmed to recognize a planet named "Earth" as your home world to launch your rockets from and recover them.

The stars are Orion, a blue star that is twice the mass of the sun, and Orion-b, a red dwarf star with a quarter the mass of the sun, which orbits around Orion.

The mod features:
  • 20 unique worlds to explore (excluding stars): 4 rocky/habitable planets, 2 gas giants, 2 dwarf planets and 12 moons.
  • 1280*1280 pixel highly detailed textures for these 20 worlds and 4096 pixel high atmosphere gradient textures.
  • Gorgeous aqua home world where your rockets will now launch from called Orianna. Called Earth in game to tell the game where to launch your rockets from.
  • Preview quicksaves to look at each body instead of having to launch a rocket to it.
Pictures of the planets and moons:
Click on the picture to see the name of the planet/moon in it.
Aland.png Dacrichi.png Ezoul.png Gretheles.png Laumea.png Lucrunope.png Manicury.png Moricarrio.png Nipecury.png Nulrion.png Nuritov.png Opaceladus.png Opulara.png Orianna.png Orion.png Palmotov.png Poseidon.png Sednichi.png Sengichi.png Sozeitov.png
Descriptions for each world included in .txt file in mod.

Want to get this mod?
Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AKNk88JB49QWP2aTuAVhMW5r7WzJxRWh/view?usp=drivesdk
Download size: 23.90 MB
Installed size: 24.55 MB

How to install:
1. Go to download link and download the mod.
2. Once the download is finished, extract the .zip file and move them to your mod backup folder.
3. Make a quicksave of your game.
4. Go to your game data folder and move your old resources folder to your backup folder. Go to saving/main/quicksaves and move the quicksaves folder to your backup folder.
5. Delete the persistant.qks file.
6. Go into your mod and copy the new resources folder to your game data folder.
7. (Optional): Go ModData/Preview and copy the quicksaves folder over to saving/worlds/main.
8. Enjoy the mod and have fun, but please give credit to me in a YouTube video if you do use this mod in the video.
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My game however can withstand this mod. For my phone, I have determined that 50 MB of mods is the limit that it can withstand, This mod is only half of that limit. If I try to put more than 50 MB of mods, the game will still load, but when you try to open the build to make or launch a rocket or resume the game, the game will simply become unresponsive and crash. Here are some tips to help prevent this:
  • Uninstall some mods or move them to a backup folder.
  • Resize the texture pictures to make them smaller.
  • Remove some planets/moons.

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