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    Quicksave Shenanigans

    I must say, I'm pleasantly surprised! With a load test under perfect earth conditions (1g of acceleration), the piston can lift up to 170 tons semi-reliably with a lot of jittering, 125 tons without breaking a sweat. (This is cool because solar panels break very easily) The "Arrows" fuel tank...
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    Quicksave Shenanigans

    'ello 'ello, I've been experimenting with quicksave editing to get a piston to work, specifically in the "joints" list that's in the rockets.txt file. The point was to be able to get some tight tolerances on sliding parts, which would have otherwise ended with the parts connected. Joints are...
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    Mars mission (IRIS)

    Damn, this is really cool.
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    CTA Trade ship project

    Wow, really cool stuff!
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    SFS BP editor tool (windows)

    Have you tried the "old" link?
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    SFS BP editor tool (windows)

    Try this: MediaFire If that doesn't work, IDK what will.
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    SFS BP editor tool (windows)

    There should be no decryption key. Maybe try a different browser?
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    Team Frontier Entry

    Nice mission!
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    Public Progress Thread (Off-topic SFS)

    Wow, that's very good looking!
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    My WIP's

    Wow, what a big-ass platform ship.
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    SFS BP editor tool (windows)

    Whoops, haven't opened the forums in a while, sorry. It should run in wine (That's how I use it on Linux). Stellar is something slightly similar but not made by some dude.
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    Quote of the Day

    I would prefer if SFS went down the path of procedural parts, but looks like Stef wants it to be more KSP-like.
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    Quote of the Day

    TNT! Knewks! Jk, I'd love if there were more engine types (NERVA-esque). Maybe the steam version is moddable...