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    True Scale and Distance Solar System (TSADSS) FULL RELEASE

    This is actually the most accurate custom solar system I’ve seen yet. Only issue I see with it is that when time is sped up it lasts for a good bit, but then after a short while it absolutely locks up and soft locks gameplay. Is there a fix to this or is there just a missing file?
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    Wheel Spin Missions

    Decided to do one myself, and I may just make an entire other post on it separate post thread (giving credit to the idea obviously.) but I wanted to do something a little bit different. For one, I have a download pack for all planets and their moons. So I put every single planet and their moons...
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    Discord Rich Presence Mod!

    Honestly sounds like this should have been a feature in game to begin with, lol
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    Just landed on Mars feeling good

    But it is still a lot more effective than barreling into the planet at 10000 m/s, so it’s something to consider
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    Just landed on Mars feeling good

    you could have just… idk, used your thrusters to counteract the speed? It’s speed that causes the entry into the atmosphere being either a disaster or a success. If you go too fast, you’re done. If you counteract it and use your engines to slow your rocket down enough to prevent dangerous...
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    Nearby Stars (Remastered)

    Trying to use it and I come across two issues. Not sure if it’s due to me using an IPhone or not. 1. Any time I try to travel to any other star, the game glitches and sends the rocket into the center of the sun. 2. I get an error when trying to load up the world data at start. ERROR: planet...
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    Largest Space Station (Starter Version)

    What I really want to see is how it’s supposed to get to space. Nevermind how you plan to assemble it in space
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    Complete Solar System + Trappist 1

    Why is this the image you used for the sycorax? I looked through the files first and nearly crapped myself when this popped up.