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    The Kerbol System!

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    Actually Complete Solar System (ACSS) Release Thread

    Are they any screenshots of it?
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    The Kerbol System!

    Is this thread dead?
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    Kiloton Club

    I thought this was ded.
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    Space station entry

    Cause the engine will crush them at like idk 20Gs to mush..
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    VECTAVERSE’s Saturn V

    I don’t have DLC…
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    Found a new glitch

    Every time I try to do it, the thing I clipped disappears.
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    Hot challenge ( very hot )

    I meant escaping earth’s SOI.
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    Hot challenge ( very hot )

    I went all the way to nearly escape earth and used up 1000dv to speed it up directly downwards and reentered at 3000m/s. The heat shield broke(Oops)but my capsule survived.
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    Hot challenge ( very hot )

    I agree. I accidentally deorbited my ISS 2.0 at mars and my whole phone crashed.
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    Hot challenge ( very hot )

    Guys. The different number from rentry and recovery message is a bug. Btw I managed to get beyond 6k to 6183 before heat shield broke. But then I slowed down enough to not die. When I recovered, the rentry number was 18163 degrees. But I accidentally deleted the app the next day. Oops. So now my...
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    Voyager mission

    Umm. But I use boosters almost all the way to orbit, about 100m/s short then I detach them and use main stage..
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    Voyager mission

    Why not add small fuel tanks to the bottom of booster but not enough to make it touch the ground?
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    Voyager mission

    I forgot. Whops.
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    Here you can tell me to make the Planet pack you want!

    Can u do the Milky Way pls?