1. JASA

    How Do You Download SFS On MacOS

    Today I did some research and I found some links, But none of them work I was Wondering if anyone had some download links for MacOS. Also Does It Work For MacOS? Cheers!
  2. SFSAbhishek

    The Taj Mahal!

    I decided to create a rocket , that could return from moon but only using "Grasshopper L.F. Engine". At the end it looked like Taj Mahal sooo, Here it is First Stage: On the engines which are at the base and the two poles Second Stage : Those five engines Third Stage: In this stage you will...
  3. S

    Important Download for pc

    Hi everyone, I've been playing sfs mobile for quite a while now, maybe a stupid question, but is there a version for pc, and if so, where can I download it?