1:1 Saturn V


ET phone home
Man on the Moon
I got bored of my overdone slightly poo old saturn v, so one day, now 6 days ago i decided to make a new one. This time 1:1. Oh i didnt know what a project it would be. Fast forward 6 days, and it it finally done after a load of painstaking work, and many ragequits and motivation losses. It got to the moon in the 2nd ever test flight, pretty good i’d say.
this is from 6 days ago, me making a 1:1 F1, i would have never quessed this wouldve been my longest continuous project.
This is the Saturn V, this is from 4 days ago. That was the ”fun part” of making it. You can see every stage and engine in that pic.
And this, this is from today. Making the spacecraft was a HUGE pain in the ass, when i say huge i mean HUMONGOUS. I had to keep the tower and pad simple to avoid setting my phone on fire.

now for the part youve been waiting for, the spacecraft:
im going to admit, the CSM isnt the best. But its the best i could do without losing my shit. The biggest challenge in the ENTIRETY of this whole thing was the LM, it took 99% of the time i used on the spacecraft, getting the legs to extend and look right, and the ascent stage and its details, i didnt want to make it, yet i did. It turned out well, oh fuck, my friend is gonna shoot me with a waterpistol if i dont stop now. Bye