An actually good part addition library [sfs pc 1.35]

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Ok, hear me out. A part editor, but instead of using the parts that come with the game and building with those, its a part library that lets you make new parts with custom features and abilities.

…still here? Great, let me explain.

The Plan.
What I'm planning on doing:
  1. I will make a mod that adds surface buildings with actual functions (like a science lab for research to unlock more parts, or a habitat that lets the astronaut survive on the alien planets).
  2. once this mod is done, ill update it to add in said library, while also migrating the parts I've made up until now to use the new library.
  3. Make a very easy to follow and detailed documentation on how to make things with my library (a person who knows how to make the most basic of programs on c# and the ability to look at unity documentation would be able to make this).
  4. It is me, pooping on the moo- wait no
  5. Strangle the person who organized this list.
The Goal.
My main goal is to make a fully fledged part builder mod without the hassle of saving and editing text files and making sure everything is aligned right and all of those inconveniences. And depending on my motivation levels and general feedback on the project, I plan to roll out a good update every 2 weeks to a month with bug fixes coming around on a weekly basis.

The Feedback.
I'd like the people who see this post to give this idea some thought, even though the parts and structures will look and feel great, it will be a very very buggy mess.

The Clarification.
If you haven't read the about me yet, ill summarize: THERE IS GOOD CHANCES I WILL DROP THIS PROJECT LIKE A STICK OF BUTTER IN PROPERLY OILED HANDS. Now that that's out of the way, let me detail some proper clarification. The documentation will have the basics of how to use my library, but it will be updated when people ask about a specific feature or say a certain section isn't detailed enough. If I do add a research feature, it will only lock parts within my mod, and wont touch the parts that come with the game. I will answer questions (but not fast), so please ask away. Who knows, your question might add a feature ;)

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