An Update on my personal little hell

I have progress (if only like 2 lines of code and 3 days of studying and trying to figure out why the GOD DAMN THING WONT DO AS I TOLD IT I'VE CHANGED SO MANY FUCKING THINGS AND LOOKED UP SO MANY DOCUMENTS BECAUSE YOU WONT TELL ME WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG). Anyway, to mine and everyone's disbelief, I didn't drop this project like heavy bricks in a 3 year old's arms. However I have like no progress other than some notes I've taken.

The Notes.
So, the notes are as follows:
* Modding this game is as if I'm just adding a script to unity with some extra code to use, this means that I can use, make, destroy, and edit things in the game itself as long as i can do it in the scripting api that unity provided.
* Blindly placing and moving pixel positions are harder than coding itself
* I don't actually know that much about c#
* w3schools is my lord and savior
* The person who made SFSEngineer is the Messiah

The Progress
When I say 2 lines of code I'm kind of kidding, its actually more like 3 lines of code. Literally 3/4 of my time was spent looking through source code and looking up how to do basic things in c# and the rest was used on finding and patching errors that gave no information on what was other than "Button no appear" (Like seriously sfsml what the fuck is your error info). I'll link the progress I have so far (But it isnt much). I'll start actually adding parts sooner than expected because of how nice and easy "NewBuildSystem" is, like literally its documentation is its source code.

The Conclusion
just as an update, the chances of my dropping this project like a bomb on Nagasaki have gone down to a nice 65%, and Thanks for the nice messages and the shocking... *counting* Three of you who voted yes on the poll. If you have any ideas of questions, feel free to ask and ill be sure to answer soon. Have a good day, Boneless Chicken.