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So, I just completed ARSS, now it’s available, Download: ARSS

Improved Textures!

The Earth, Moon, Sun, and Inner Planets get new textures! From Mercury, to Mars.

Colonize The Solar System!

This planet pack extends The Solar System in a way that makes it amazing! It contains real planets, moons, and objects that are just amazing, you will never get bored! There are so many objects you may not explore them all! This pack is basically a type of RSS: Real Solar System, it contains accurate orbits, gravity, and more! The Kuiper Belt, 2012 VP113 and Planet Nine are from Lev from Ukraine! Credits to him! This RSS pack is a good and pretty good one, Earth's atmosphere has been raised up to 60 km! Leaving the atmosphere will be a challenge! Your regular roclets may not work anymore, I made a blueprint which is a rocket that can escape the harsh atmosphere! Good try to make it out of the atmosphere!

Planets and Moons!



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Explore planets and moons in this RSS pack! From the gaseous surface of Saturn, to the ice flats of Pluto! I split the post because I reached the screenshot limit.

Planets Info!

Pluto: A cold dwarf planet, located beyond Neptune, it is part of the Kuiper Belt, an asteroid belt at the edge beyond Neptune, it is filled with ice cold rocks and asteroids.

Nibiru: A hypothetical planet, which scientists say created Earth.

2012 VP113(Biden): an extremely harsh and icy planet, it is in the scattered disk, a region of our Solar System which contains icy objects right beyond the Kuiper Belt, it has a very eccentric orbit which goes near Pluto sometimes.

Charon: Pluto's moon, in real life it orbits in a binary orbit with Pluto, the other little moons orbit the Barycenter, which is basically invisible!

Saturn: A ringed planet, it is amazing and has 82 moons in real life! amazing, isn't it?

Earth and The Moon: Earth is our place we call home, it is our home planet and is stable enough to contain amazing life! Without the habitable zone on our planet, we would basically die! The Moon is vital since it actually holds Earth's tilt in place.

The Kuiper Belt, 2012 VP113(Biden) , and Planet Nine are from Lev from Ukraine and their textures too.
The textures for the 8 planets and Pluto belong to Jupiter
The Sun uses a texture from Google, credits to, I will stop stealing textures from Google to avoid copyright issues.
Nibiru belongs to Lev from Ukraine , you're supposed to add Nibiru as an individual planet file along with it's textures.


In my game Mars does not have any atmosphere visuals, and there's no texture for the atmosphere in the mods texture folders, was this an instillation issue on my part?
Screenshot 2023-01-07 075721.png

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Hey, GL here returning from retiriment. That's a really great job you did mate, you have my seal of approval. ;)