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Dear SFS Forums,

Today is the release of a substantial update, one that’s set the foundation for the future, a future I cannot wait for.

Not only does this update bring new features and mechanics, but an overhaul to the forums and her runnings. This overhaul will bring a new layout to your browse, two new moderators, SupremeDorian and GuHP20 , a reworking of some user groups and their permissions, revised rules and new areas to fill and explore.

The revised rules can be found here and should be read as soon as possible. It’s similar to the previous outdated rules set, but incorporates some of the previous terms of the site’s usage to ensure everyone is on the same level.

I would like to thank you all for awaiting the update, and your commitment to the forums. Reading this is testament to your patience and heart.

For the new members, look up expert members, they are some of the best members on the forums, with much much for you to learn from.

In terms of RP, new possibilities are opening. Previously awaiting the update, we are now ready for discussions with the main head of RP.

To end off, thank you all for your continued effort in showing the best of what the forums has to offer, each of you have your specialty. Together we have some of the best builders, pilots and personalities the SFS fanbase has to offer.

I won’t hold you any longer, go off and build some new rockets, venture off to distant planets, experiment with dangerous mechanical structures and show off the spoils of your endeavours.

Happy rocketeering fellow astronauts and builders


Gecko Gekkota, SFS Forums Admin