Changes. We have an Official Discord Server now!

Blazer Ayanami

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Alright, we've had some major changes today, which we hope that you guys will like. Here's the complete list.

1. The forum has an Official Discord Server now!

The community server for the Spaceflight Simulator Forums! Talk about anything relating to spaceflight or whatever interests you, or just get some feedback on your SFS builds. We would like to keep that place as an off-topic chat for the forum community, while we keep all the SFS chat here on the forum (tho it is not strictly enforced). Feel free to join and have fun!

Join the SFS forum backup server Discord Server!

(The name of the server will change soon, see name poll on #official-polls ). It is also public, so feel free to share the link to anyone.

2. There are SFS general chat threads and non-SFS general chat threads on the forum, for all your chatting needs. Feel free to post any kind of content (within the rules), in these threads.

3. 2FA has been disabled for all Registered Users, except those who requested to keep it on. If you wish to enable it, DM a mod.

4. The server's name will change soon. There will also be an icon change poll once the naming poll ends.