Discord's SFS 4th anniversary event

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Alright so, the SFS Main Server on Discord is preparing an event to celebrate SFS' Fourth Anniversary. I thought I could repost this here so forum people can participate too.

I want to make clear that this is a Discord event, therefore to participate you must have a Discord account and an account in SFS Main Server (link will be posted below).

That being said, I'm reposting the message posted on the server with the contest rules:

Greetings @everyone!

Spaceflight Simulator turns 4 years old this November, so it's time for our yearly birthday contest! This year's contest will take place on Venus, where you will build a base for colonists to live in the harsh environment. Here are the rules:

1. Your base must have:
• 1 Habitation Module
• 1 Lander capable of achieving Venus orbit
• 1 Power Source
2. Cheats are NOT allowed.
3. Entries must be submitted to the correct category. For example, BP edited bases go in the BP Edited category.
4. BP Editing is NOT allowed in the free version category, but clipping is permitted.
5. You only get ONE submission, you may only submit to one category.

You can add more than one of each of the required components and it is encouraged to add components not listed. Don't be afraid to get creative! For example, you don't have to use solar power for your power source. You can make a reactor, use geothermal energy, or maybe even have power satellites in orbit that beam power to your base from space! Just make it convincing.

Submissions are open today and will close on November 20th at 11:59 PM US EST. Winners will be announced on November 30th.
Submissions must be in the form of an Imgur/Imgbb album containing all of your screenshots. You can make either of them by using one of these links:

Submission form:
SFS Fourth Birthday Competition

If you need to resubmit or you change your mind about what category you want to enter, you can open the form link again and edit your response.

Blazer Ayanami

Space Shuttle enthusiast // Retired Admin
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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Can I use cheats to assemble/show off my rockets on Earth before I launch?
A: Yes, you may. Cheats are only disallowed if used to assist with getting to Venus.

Q2: Is quicksave editing allowed?
A: No, this will be treated the same as using cheats.

Q3: Am I allowed to use a custom solar system?
A: Planet packs that only change looks of the planets and not orbits, gravities, etc. are okay. Packs that make the trip between earth and venus easier are not allowed and will be treated the same as using cheats. However, Venus must still look like stock Venus so there is no confusion, so make sure your pack does not change its look.

Q4: Is BP editing allowed in the Free Version category?
A: No. All BP edited builds, even made on free version, go in the BP Edited category.

Q5: Am I allowed to BP edit a couple parts in the vanilla/free version categories for detail?
A: No. All submissions entered into the Non-BP edited categories must be 100% vanilla.

Q6: Can I use a BP with 1.4 parts in the vanilla/free version categories?
A: No. This will fall under BP editing, because not everyone has easy access to them short of having to learn how to install a blueprint.

Q7: Can I edit my screenshots with a photo editor?
A: The only photo edits allowed are to add text. Filters/visual enhancements are not allowed.

Q8: Do I need to submit pictures/videos of all my launches as proof I didn't cheat?
A: It is welcome, but not required. We trust users to follow the rules. But if we see something fishy, we will inquire. If you are found to be cheating, your submission will be invalidated.

Q9: Are collaborative builds allowed?
A: Yes! Just make sure to credit who you worked with on the submission form.

Q10: What are the prizes?
A: First place for each of the four categories will receive a promo code to unlock the expansion bundle for free, as well as a temporary custom role. Runner-ups will only receive the role.

Q11: Who gets the prize if I submit a collaborative build?
A: That is up to your group to decide. There will only be one prize per winning submission, so you'll have to decide who gets it amongst yourselves before you claim it.

Q12: Imgur is requiring me to make an account to upload my submission. Is there an alternative I can use?
A: Albums from https://imgbb.co/upload are also acceptable if Imgur isn't working for you.

Q13: Does extending landing legs or solar panels into parts count as clipping?
A: If it's in the build screen, yes. If it's in-game, no. The parts must fit unclipped before you're on the launch pad.