Hungrus System

The Hungrus system is a system with:
-1 Stars
-4 Rocky planets
-2 Gas Giants (+1 Gas Moon)
-10 moons (+1 Second Order Moon)
-2 Annular Planets.

Layout Room like this:
-Hungaido (House with Mission Base)
-The diver
-Jasl (Green-Yellow Gas Giant)
-Clouda (The only Moon with its own Moon and is intended as a Gaseous Moon)
-Rigo (Order 2 Moon Only)
-Itito (Blue Gas Giant With Rings)
-Laido (The only earth-like moon)

These are all under the link:

Have a nice use.


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Very good, very cool that you made a moon moon and the moon is a gaseous moon:cool:
New version of the hungrus system 1.1 is here.

Whats new:

Whats Updated:
-Itito was now too far of the Hungrus Star.
-Fixed a place of the Dustio (Groul's north) was changed to Another name.
-Atmosphere & rings of Itito was now are Smaller.

Link in description: 8.17 MB folder on MEGA

Have fun...