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It's interesting currently doing an interplanetary mission for the velkarion system mind if I have the velkarion system in my interbuget game of course with the interbuget style of you don't want to that's ok I'll will credit you
DEMO is out guys! :D if you want to check it out it's in planet packs and you can vote for the next update in modding discussion for an interstellar update or more moons to the old star system Handoria.
New news I will most likely make the or in system but maybe not canonical cause in the sequel called after midgard you start on Sif now called Svartalfheim which is now habitable so that multicellular life existe. so if you want you can show me ways to make it canonical. Stay at home wash your hands or whatever and stay tuned! PEACE!!
Hey is like to show you a FECKING MENACE AND DISGRACE OF A MOON Jolk it led me to deleting the sun for no reason and made me wonder why I couldn't get past moon now here is Jolk a future moon coming in the update after the a whole new world update releases cause so far a whole new world is seeing more votes then moar moons
Hey sorry for the long wait there is most likely a decently large delay so once everything is under control and I can resume to building I will use both a whole new world and moar moons in one big update and probably a bit more to make up for the hiatus but it may not be for a few weeks to a month and a half to possibly never and if that's the case then it be a sad ending to one of the biggest ideas I ever had and I hope that that would never happen if it does I might give it to blazer or someone with better knowledge of planet editing to build its future and make it bright but today is the present and the future is unknown but I hope to have this project see the light of day and he beloved and maybe fix some ram problems though that might not be the case but would make a good genre I hope for all of you to live long and prosper. Signed, IN_THRUST_WE_TRUST
One last thing I might need help with fixing up the old files and preparing them for 1.5 as I keep them saved and removed them when updating because I didn't knew at the time that the progress would get saved if anyone would like to help me it be great thanks (I'm still pretty new as this is the first update for me so if I sound dumb this is why)
it has all successfully converted the files... It will probably be a few weeks to get the pero ¿por qué no ambos update aka but why not both update
Started as it both a whole new world and moar moons in it (hence but why not both) and it will be known as DEMO-2


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Now I have a new problem when I try to add in a new planet it just infinitely loads of anyone has any info that could help with the problem that would be great
Try to add a planet pack of 1.5 and create a new world. See if it starts.
If it starts normal copy the way it has been build.