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Dear forumers,

With the arrival of modding on SFS, we gradually got many mods, and countless new parts. Following the evolution of the game, we decided to create a new "modder" role.

That role has already been awarded by Mooncrasher to all those who contributed to the mod database.

The purpose of this new role is:
  • To give a nice distinction to all those who showed some coding and/or Unity knowledge and gave their time for the benefit of the whole community.
  • To give the modders more control over their threads in the mod section: they now have unlimited edition rights over their thread, to allow them to update their thread when their mod evolves.

Congratulations to all modders, that's also thanks to you that SFS is what it is now! :cool:

The condition to get that role is that you have published at least one mod, or one custom parts pack. Texture packs have been excluded since they don't require proper modding knowledge, but we also thank all those who contributed in the form of texture packs of course. Don't hesitate to contact the staff if you think you deserve that role!
Not open for further replies.