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Hello everyone.

We now have two new sub-forums.

The first is Texture Pack Mods and it is a sub-forum of the Authorised Game Mods section.
This was done as we've noticed that texture pack mods are very popular, and thus it was decided to give them their own place for neatness.

Cucumber Space 's Texture Loader has been moved to this sub-forum and pinned. There is a redirect in the original section that will expire after several weeks.
I've also moved all the texture mods that I know of into the new Texture Pack Mods sub-forum, but don't hesitate to give me a shout if I missed any.

The second new sub-forum is Highlighted Blueprints. Myself and the staff are particularly excited about this one, because this is where we will showcase the best original blueprints.
We have appointed three judges: Astatium_209 Marmilo and siryonkee .
They will decide which nominated blueprints go into the highlighted blueprint sub-forum.

The criteria are that the blueprint must be original, and that it must represent the what the skilled people of this community have to offer.
You will in the coming days start to see blueprints appear in there, as we look through the existing blueprints to find great ones to nominate to the judges.

That is all for now, and don't hesitate to ask any questions that you have.


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